31 Facts About Eli Lilly

1. Eli Lilly was an American soldier, pharmacist, chemist, and businessman who founded the Eli Lilly and Company pharmaceutical corporation.

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2. Eli Lilly enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War and recruited a company of men to serve with him in the 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery.

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3. Eli Lilly was captured in September 1864 and held as a prisoner of war until January 1865.

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4. Eli Lilly remarried and worked with business partners in several pharmacies in Indiana and Illinois before opening his own business in 1876 in Indianapolis.

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5. Eli Lilly turned over the management of the company to his son, Josiah K Lilly, Sr.

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6. Eli Lilly assisted at a local printing press as a printer's devil.

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7. In 1854, while on a trip to visit his aunt and uncle in Lafayette, Indiana, the sixteen-year-old Eli Lilly visited Henry Lawrence's Good Samaritan Drug Store, a local apothecary shop, where he watched Lawrence prepare pharmaceutical drugs.

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8. Eli Lilly completed a four-year apprenticeship with Lawrence to become a chemist and pharmacist.

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9. Eli Lilly opened his own drugstore in the city in January 1861, and married Emily Lemon, the daughter of a Greencastle merchant, on January 31, 1861.

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10. In 1861, a few months after the start of the American Civil War, Eli Lilly enlisted in the Union Army.

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11. Eli Lilly was commissioned as a second lieutenant on July 29, 1861.

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12. Eli Lilly was elected to serve as the commanding officer of his battery from August 1862 until the winter of 1863, when his three-year enlistment expired.

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13. Eli Lilly joined the 9th Indiana Cavalry and was promoted to major.

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14. Eli Lilly was promoted to colonel on June 4, 1865, and was stationed at Vicksburg, Mississippi, in the spring of 1865 when the war ended.

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15. Eli Lilly served as chairman of the Grand Army of the Republic, a brotherhood of Union Civil War veterans, in 1893.

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16. Eli Lilly traveled to Greencastle, Indiana, and returned with his wife, Emily, his sister, Anna Wesley Eli Lilly, and son, Josiah.

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17. Eli Lilly worked to resolve the situation on the plantation and find other employment while his young son, Josiah, lived with Colonel Eli Lilly's parents in Greencastle.

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18. In 1867, Eli Lilly found work at the Harrison Daily and Company, a wholesale drug firm.

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19. Binford and Eli Lilly opened The Red Front Drugstore in Paris, Illinois, in August 1869.

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20. Eli Lilly began formulating a plan to create a medicinal wholesale company of his own.

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21. On May 10, 1876, Eli Lilly opened his own laboratory in a rented two-story building at 15 West Pearl Street and began to manufacture drugs.

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22. Eli Lilly hired his brother, James, as his first full-time salesman in 1878.

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23. In 1890, Eli Lilly turned over the day-to day management of the business to Josiah, who ran the company for thirty-four years.

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24. In 1894, Eli Lilly purchased a manufacturing plant to be used solely for creating capsules.

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25. At first, Eli Lilly was the company's only researcher, but as the business grew, he established a research laboratory and employed others who were dedicated to creating new drugs.

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26. Eli Lilly insisted on quality assurance and instituted mechanisms to ensure that the drugs being produced would be effective and perform as advertised, had the correct combination of ingredients, and had the correct dosages of medicines in each pill.

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27. In 1879, with a group of twenty-five other businessmen, Eli Lilly began sponsoring the Charity Organization Society and soon became the primary patron of its Indiana chapter.

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28. Eli Lilly was especially interested in encouraging economic growth and general development in Indianapolis.

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29. Eli Lilly shunned public office, preferring to focus his attention on his philanthropic organizations.

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30. Eli Lilly developed cancer in 1897 and died in his Indianapolis home on June 6, 1898.

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31. Eli Lilly's remains are interred in a large mausoleum at Indianapolis's Crown Hill Cemetery.

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