19 Facts About Elix Skipper


Elix Skipper was born on December 15,1967 and is an American retired professional wrestler.


Elix Skipper is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling, where he was a one-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a one-time WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, and with NWA Total Nonstop Action, where he was a four-time NWA World Tag Team Champion.


Seven months later, Elix Skipper began wrestling on WCW Thunder and WCW Monday Nitro under the ring name "Skip Over", facing members of the cruiserweight division and fellow Power Plant graduates.


At the time Elix Skipper joined Team Canada Storm was in possession of three of WCW's singles titles and had given them more Canadian-sounding names.


Elix Skipper retained the 101 Kilograms and Under Championship until October 2,2000, when Mike Sanders defeated him for the title and subsequently renamed it back to the Cruiserweight Championship.


In early 2001, Elix Skipper left Team Canada and began competing principally in the cruiserweight division.


In late March 2001, World Championship Wrestling was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation, with a number of wrestlers, including Elix Skipper, being signed to developmental contracts.


Elix Skipper made his debut early into the Invasion as a member of The Alliance.


Elix Skipper trained in the HWA for nine months before being released in December 2001.


Elix Skipper subsequently travelled to Japan to perform for All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he wrestled while alternating between using his real name, the ring name "Dark Guerrera" and as the masked "Extreme Blade".


Elix Skipper joined NWA Total Nonstop Action upon its formation in June 2002, debuting under his real name on the third weekly TNA pay-per-view.


Elix Skipper competed in the X Division throughout 2002, at the same time continuing to wrestle in Japan.


Elix Skipper left TNA in July 2003 as a result of a pay dispute, and performed in Japan until December 2003 when TNA offered him a new and more lucrative contract.


America's Most Wanted went on to defeat Triple X in a last team standing match on November 7,2004, at Victory Road, with Elix Skipper suffering a concussion in the course of the match.


Elix Skipper went on to compete in the X Division until joining Simon Diamond's "Diamonds in the Rough" faction in August 2005, forming a tag team with David Young.


On July 15,2007, at Victory Road, Elix Skipper returned to TNA, competing in an Ultimate X match and reforming Triple X with Daniels and Senshi.


Elix Skipper was released from his contract in May 2008.


Elix Skipper has four children from two previous marriages.


Elix Skipper defended the title with either Ki or Daniels as Triple X under the Freebird Rule.