21 Facts About Elizabeth Taylor

1. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the last stars of classical Hollywood cinema, and one of the first modern celebrities.

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2. Elizabeth Taylor struggled with her weight—she became overweight during her marriage to Senator John Warner, and published a diet book about her experiences, Elizabeth Takes Off.

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3. Elizabeth Taylor struggled with health problems for most of her life.

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4. Elizabeth Taylor helped to popularize the work of fashion designers Valentino Garavani and Halston.

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5. Elizabeth Taylor married her third husband, theater and film producer Mike Todd, in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, on February 2, 1957.

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6. Elizabeth Taylor married her second husband, British actor Michael Wilding—a man 20 years her senior—in a low-key ceremony at Caxton Hall in London on February 21, 1952.

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7. In 2005, Elizabeth Taylor founded a jewelry company, House of Taylor, in collaboration with Kathy Ireland and Jack and Monty Abramov.

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8. Elizabeth Taylor was the first celebrity to create her own collection of fragrances.

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9. Elizabeth Taylor testified before the Senate and House for the Ryan White Care Act in 1986, 1990, and 1992.

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10. Elizabeth Taylor began her philanthropic efforts by helping to organize and by hosting the first AIDS fund-raiser to benefit the AIDS Project Los Angeles.

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11. Elizabeth Taylor took fewer roles after the mid-1970s, and focused on supporting the career of her sixth husband, Republican politician John Warner.

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12. Elizabeth Taylor was paid $500,000 to appear in a CBS television special, Elizabeth Taylor in London, in which she visited the city's landmarks and recited passages from the works of famous British writers.

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13. Elizabeth Taylor won her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.

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14. Elizabeth Taylor received her third Academy Award nomination and her first Golden Globe for Best Actress for her performance.

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15. Elizabeth Taylor considered her next performance as Maggie the Cat in the screen adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof a career "high point", although it coincided with one of the most difficult periods in her personal life.

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16. Elizabeth Taylor found her role as a mentally disturbed Southern belle fascinating, but overall disliked the film.

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17. Elizabeth Taylor made the transition to adult roles when she turned 18 in 1950.

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18. Elizabeth Taylor was cast in her first starring role at the age of 12, when she was chosen to play a girl who wants to compete in the exclusively male Grand National in National Velvet.

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19. Elizabeth Taylor received another opportunity in late 1942, when her father's acquaintance, MGM producer Samuel Marx, arranged her to audition for a minor role requiring an actress with an English accent in Lassie Come Home.

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20. Elizabeth Taylor began her contract in April 1941 and was cast in a small role in There's One Born Every Minute.

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21. Elizabeth Taylor received the best reviews of her career for Woolf, winning her second Academy Award and several other awards for her performance.

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