5 Facts About Emmanuelle Riva

1. In 2013, Emmanuelle Riva won the BAFTA Award and the Cesar Award for her lead role in Michael Haneke's Amour as Anne Laurent, and was nominated for the Academy Award for the same role.

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2. In 2012 Emmanuelle Riva was honoured with the Prix Marguerite-Duras for her body of work.

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3. In 1959, Emmanuelle Riva made an international splash in one of her first film roles in Hiroshima Mon Amour.

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4. At the age of 85 when she was nominated, Emmanuelle Riva was the oldest ever Best Actress nominee, and the second-oldest acting nominee after Gloria Stuart, who was 87 years old when she was nominated for Titanic.

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5. In 1957, Emmanuelle Riva made her onscreen acting debut in the TV series Enigmes de l'histoire.

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