101 Facts About Emmeline Pankhurst

1. Emmeline Pankhurst was further shocked to see a report from a newspaper in the US that declared that "Miss Pankhurst"—a title usually reserved for Christabel—boasted of her child being a triumph of "eugenics", since both parents were healthy and intelligent.

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2. In 1914, suffragette Sylvia Emmeline Pankhurst was expelled from the Women's Social and Political Union and founded the East London Federation of Suffragettes, which prioritised the needs of working class women.

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3. Emmeline Pankhurst was further shocked to see a report from a newspaper in the US that declared that "Miss Pankhurst"—a title usually reserved for Christabel—boasted of her child being a triumph of "eugenics", since both parents were healthy and intelligent.

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4. Emmeline Pankhurst was further shocked to see a report from a newspaper in the US that declared that "Miss Pankhurst"—a title usually reserved for Christabel—boasted of her child being a triumph of "eugenics", since both parents were healthy and intelligent.

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5. In 1912, Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested and released most of the time.

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6. Emmeline Pankhurst was demanding to meet Prime Minister Asquith, but he did not give them audience.

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7. Emmeline Pankhurst died on 14 June 1928, shortly after women were granted equal voting rights with men.

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8. Emmeline Pankhurst driving a carriage plastered with 'Votes for Women' placards in 1910.

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9. Emmeline Pankhurst was the leader of the Suffragettes, a group she founded with her daughters, Sylvia and Christabel.

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10. Emmeline Pankhurst was further shocked to see a report from a newspaper in the US that declared that "Miss Pankhurst"—a title usually reserved for Christabel—boasted of her child being a triumph of "eugenics", since both parents were healthy and intelligent.

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11. Emmeline Pankhurst's had named the child Richard Keir Pethick Pankhurst, in memory of her father, her ILP comrade, and her colleagues from the WSPU respectively.

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12. Emmeline Pankhurst's replied succinctly: "My war experience and my experience on the other side of the Atlantic have changed my views considerably.

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13. Emmeline Pankhurst's campaigned tirelessly for her daughter, lobbying Prime Minister Lloyd George for his support and at one point delivering a passionate speech in the rain.

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14. Emmeline Pankhurst concluded by telling her that English women had nothing to teach women in Russia.

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15. Emmeline Pankhurst's hoped to convince them not to accept Germany's conditions for peace, which she saw as a potential defeat for Britain and Russia.

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16. Emmeline Pankhurst's spoke about her fears of communist insurgency, which she considered a grave threat to Russian democracy.

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17. Emmeline Pankhurst tried to shame men in to volunteering for the front lines.

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18. Emmeline Pankhurst's decided that Adela should move to Australia, and paid for her relocation.

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19. Emmeline Pankhurst's disapproved of WSPU endorsement of property destruction and felt that a heavier emphasis on socialism was necessary.

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20. Emmeline Pankhurst's tried to evade police harassment by wearing disguises and eventually the WSPU established a jujutsu-trained female bodyguard squad to physically protect her against the police.

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21. Emmeline Pankhurst's described in her autobiography the trauma caused by force-feeding during the strike: "Holloway became a place of horror and torment.

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22. Emmeline Pankhurst's stayed with friends and in hotels, carrying her few possessions in suitcases.

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23. Emmeline Pankhurst's insisted that a small committee chosen by the members in attendance be allowed to co-ordinate WSPU activities.

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24. Emmeline Pankhurst's was charged with obstruction and sentenced to six weeks in prison.

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25. Emmeline Pankhurst's went on to study art in Florence and Venice.

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26. Emmeline Pankhurst had developed a gastric ulcer, and his health deteriorated in 1897.

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27. Emmeline Pankhurst aligned herself with the "new rules" group, which became known as the Parliament Street Society.

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28. Emmeline Pankhurst's gave birth to a son on 7 July 1889 and named him Henry Francis in honour of his deceased brother.

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29. Emmeline Pankhurst's read the Odyssey at the age of nine and enjoyed the works of John Bunyan, especially his 1678 story The Pilgrim's Progress.

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30. Emmeline Pankhurst was an enthusiastic supporter of dramatic organisations including the Manchester Athenaeum and the Dramatic Reading Society.

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31. Emmeline Pankhurst's died on 14 June 1928, only weeks before the Conservative government's Representation of the People Act extended the vote to all women over 21 years of age on 2 July 1928.

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32. Emmeline Pankhurst's was selected as the Conservative candidate for Whitechapel and St Georges in 1927.

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33. Emmeline Pankhurst was so furious that she "gave [Adela] a ticket, £20, and a letter of introduction to a suffragette in Australia, and firmly insisted that she emigrate".

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34. Emmeline Pankhurst's founded and became involved with the Women's Franchise League, which advocated suffrage for both married and unmarried women.

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35. Emmeline Pankhurst believed in serving her country in a time of war and declared a truce with the British government.

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36. Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested at a suffragette protest outside Buckingham Palace, 1914.

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37. Emmeline Pankhurst died at the age of 69 on June 14, 1928, only weeks before the vote was extended to all women over 21 years of age on July 2, 1928.

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38. In 1925, Emmeline Pankhurst joined the Conservative Party, much to the astonishment of her former socialist friends.

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39. Emmeline Pankhurst believed it was her patriotic duty to assist in the war effort and ordered that a truce be declared between the WSPU and the government.

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40. Emmeline Pankhurst was sentenced to nine months in prison for her part in the incident.

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41. In 1898, Emmeline Pankhurst suffered another devastating loss when her husband of 19 years died suddenly of a perforated ulcer.

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42. In 1913, Emmeline Pankhurst declared that the WSPU were 'guerrillists', who would destroy anything other than human life to get the vote.

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43. Emmeline Pankhurst decided to limit the efforts of the WSPU solely to the cause of obtaining votes for women and to aim her recruitment efforts at middle-and upper-class women.

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44. Emmeline Pankhurst was deeply troubled by the rise in illegitimate children seen during the war.

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45. Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested outside Buckingham Palace for trying to deliver a petition to the King.

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46. Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested in February 1908 after she tried to enter parliament to deliver a letter to the Prime Minister, and was sentenced to six weeks in prison.

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47. Emmeline Pankhurst was a proud socialist who believed in women's suffrage, free secular education for all, Irish home rule, the abolition of the House of Lords and independence for India.

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48. Emmeline Pankhurst was born into a middle-class family in Manchester in 1858.

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49. Emmeline Pankhurst was born on July 15, 1858, to Robert Goulden, a successful businessman and Sophia Jane Craine, who were politically active folks.

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50. Emmeline Pankhurst was at once recognised by me as a force, vital and resourceful.

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51. Emmeline Pankhurst died in a nursing home in Hampstead on 14th June, 1928, a month short of her seventieth birthday.

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52. Emmeline Pankhurst gave permission for her daughter, Christabel Pankhurst, to launch a secret arson campaign.

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53. Emmeline Pankhurst hoped that Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the new prime minister, and his Liberal government, would give women the vote.

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54. Emmeline Pankhurst was very pleased with the publicity achieved by the two women.

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55. Emmeline Pankhurst was fined ten shillings or a jail sentence of one week.

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56. Emmeline Pankhurst hoped the new Labour Party would support votes for women on the same terms as men.

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57. Emmeline Pankhurst invited Keir Hardie to speak at one of these meetings.

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58. Emmeline Pankhurst was a regular visitor to the Chorlton Workhouse.

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59. The Premier is for unity and order ; Dr Emmeline Pankhurst is for Home Rule and the repeal of the Crimes Act.

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60. Emmeline Pankhurst was born Emmeline Goulden in 1858 in Manchester, England, the eldest of ten children.

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61. Emmeline Pankhurst was born in Manchester, nee Goulden, and married Richard Pankhurst.

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62. Emmeline Pankhurst was born in 1858 and died in 1928.

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63. Emmeline Pankhurst is considered one of the leaders of the suffragette movement in Great Britain.

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64. Emmeline Pankhurst is again being given the oxygen of publicity.

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65. Emmeline Pankhurst called this escalation "guerrilla warfare" against property "to make England and every department of English life insecure and unsafe.

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66. Emmeline Pankhurst had briefly joined the Fabian Society and then had joined the Independent Labour party.

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67. Emmeline Pankhurst was born Emmeline Goulden in Manchester on July 4, 1858.

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68. Emmeline Pankhurst died at the age of 69 in a Hampstead nursing home on June 14th 1928.

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69. In 1926, Emmeline Pankhurst joined the Conservative Party and was selected as a candidate for Parliament in Whitechapel and St George's in 1928.

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70. In 1910, Emmeline Pankhurst led a march on Parliament of more than 300 women.

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71. Emmeline Pankhurst was an activist in the women's suffrage movement in England.

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72. Emmeline Pankhurst was born on July 15, 1858, in Manchester in England.

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73. Emmeline Pankhurst was a champion for women in England and all over the world who wanted more rights and privileges.

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74. Emmeline Pankhurst was a Poor Law Guardian in 1895; one of her responsibilities was to visit the local workhouse regularly.

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75. Emmeline Pankhurst joined the Conservative Party in 1925 in London and was very involved in politics for throughout her life.

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76. Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the most important and revolutionary figures behind the suffragist movement.

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77. Emmeline Pankhurst was 69 when she died in London on June 14, 1928.

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78. Over the next decade, Emmeline Pankhurst gave birth to five children: daughters Christabel, Sylvia and Adela, and sons Frank and Harry.

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79. Emmeline Pankhurst died in 1928, shortly before women were given full voting rights.

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80. Emmeline Pankhurst was imprisoned many times, but supported the war effort after World War I broke out.

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81. Emmeline Pankhurst wanted a greater commitment to women's political rights from the ILP.

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82. Emmeline Pankhurst decided to set up a new women's suffrage movement—and Christabel was keen to join.

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83. Emmeline Pankhurst founded the Women's Social and Political Union and her daughter, Christabel Pankhurst, was to become a stalwart member.

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84. Emmeline Pankhurst once told Labour's first leader Keir Hardie that he should stop fighting for the unemployed because once women had the vote there would be no unemployment.

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85. In the photo, Emmeline Pankhurst is carrying a little boy and pointing towards Norah's camera.

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86. In 2002, Emmeline Pankhurst was placed at number 27 in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.

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87. On Thursday 14 June 1928 Emmeline Pankhurst died, at the age of 69.

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88. Emmeline Pankhurst became active in political campaigning again when a bill was passed allowing women to run for the House of Commons.

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89. In the years after the 1918 Armistice, Emmeline Pankhurst continued to promote her nationalist vision of British unity.

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90. When she returned from Russia, Emmeline Pankhurst was delighted to find that women's right to vote was finally on its way to becoming a reality.

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91. Emmeline Pankhurst's translated autobiography had been read widely in Russia, and she saw an opportunity to put pressure on the Russian people.

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92. Emmeline Pankhurst visited North America in 1916 together with the former Secretary of State for Serbia, Cedomilj Mijatovic, whose nation had been at the centre of fighting at the start of the war.

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93. Emmeline Pankhurst established an adoption home at Campden Hill designed to employ the Montessori method of childhood education.

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94. Emmeline Pankhurst tried to persuade the ELFS to remove the word "suffragettes" from its name, since it was inextricably linked to the WSPU.

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95. In 1909, as Emmeline Pankhurst planned a speaking tour of the United States, Harry was paralysed after his spinal cord became inflamed.

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96. In her 1914 autobiography Emmeline Pankhurst dismissed criticism of the WSPU's leadership structure:.

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97. In response, Emmeline Pankhurst announced at a WSPU meeting that elements of the organisation's constitution relating to decision-making were void and cancelled the annual meetings.

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98. Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested seven times before women's suffrage was approved.

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99. Emmeline Pankhurst had taken their oldest daughter Christabel to Corsier, Switzerland, to visit her old friend Noemie.

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100. Emmeline Pankhurst made their Russell Square home into a centre for political intellectuals and activists, including, "Socialists, Protesters, Anarchists, Suffragists, Free Thinkers, Radicals and Humanitarians of all schools.

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101. Emmeline Pankhurst blamed the poor conditions of the neighbourhood, and the family moved to a more affluent middle class district at Russell Square.

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