5 Facts About Emperor Rosko

1. In 2018 Emperor Rosko joined the line-up for the new United DJs radio stream.

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2. On 14 August 2017 Emperor Rosko made a special guest broadcast on Radio Caroline to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Marine Offences Act 1967.

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3. In more recent years Emperor Rosko has been heard regularly on the internet broadcaster Big L International.

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4. On 11 April 2009 Emperor Rosko presented a three-hour show within a BBC-sponsored commemorative broadcast from the lightship LV18 berthed at Harwich.

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5. On his first Midday Spin show, Emperor Rosko introduced himself with "I am the Emperor, the geeter with the heater, your leader, your groovy host from the West coast, here to clear up your skin and mess up your mind.

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