19 Facts About Enzo Calzaghe


Pietro Vincenzo "Enzo" Calzaghe was an Italian-born Welsh boxing trainer.


Enzo Calzaghe was the father of Joe Calzaghe and the head trainer for Team Calzaghe at the Newbridge boxing club.


Enzo Calzaghe was born and raised in Bancali, a hamlet of Sassari, in the Italian island of Sardinia to parents Giuseppe and Victoria.


Enzo Calzaghe moved at the age of two, with his family, to Bedfordshire.


Enzo Calzaghe's father taught him to box to protect himself from school bullies.


The family returned to Italy when Enzo Calzaghe was 13 and whilst there he tried to make a career as a footballer - at one point he played on the same team as Gianfranco Zola.


Enzo Calzaghe has two daughters named Sonia and Melissa and one son called Joe.


Enzo Calzaghe played the bass guitar for his uncle's band 'Survival'.


Enzo Calzaghe was conscripted into the Italian Air Force at the age of 19 and immediately found a place in their Milan football team, where he spent much of the next two years.


Enzo Calzaghe hitch-hiked from one city to the next for the next couple of years, often sleeping rough in city squares and phone-boxes.


Enzo Calzaghe's aunt had sold the business to return to Italy but convinced the new owner to take him on as an employee.


Enzo Calzaghe worked at the restaurant during the day and slept there at night, in order to save up enough money to go back home to Sardinia.


Enzo Calzaghe saved the cash but, when he got to Southampton station, the tannoy announced a train to Cardiff was due.


In Cardiff Enzo Calzaghe found work at a Wimpy where he fell in love with a waitress, Jackie, who would become his wife just four weeks later.


Enzo Calzaghe was, at the time, working variously as a bus conductor and window salesman whilst playing in bands with his brother.


Whilst in Cardiff, Enzo Calzaghe got involved in the local boxing gym and met Paul Williams, who was trainer of the Newbridge boxing club.


Williams invited Enzo Calzaghe to bring Enzo Calzaghe's son Joe along as he was being bullied at school.


Joe became a regular at the gym and Enzo Calzaghe became Paul's assistant trainer.


Enzo Calzaghe effectively retired from coaching in 2008, though his gym continued.