24 Facts About Enzo Francescoli

1. Enzo Francescoli became the head of playing personnel for River Plate.

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2. Enzo Francescoli never played for the two biggest clubs in his native Uruguay, Penarol nor Nacional.

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3. Enzo Francescoli is a former Uruguayan footballer and sports director.

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4. Enzo Francescoli is a former Uruguayan football player.

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5. Enzo Francescoli learned of this fact just before the Intercontinental Cup final match of 1996, and so the two players swapped jerseys at the end of the match.

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6. Enzo Francescoli became the head of player personnel for River Plate.

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7. Enzo Francescoli went to live with his family in Miami, where he would create TV station GOL TV with former manager Paco Casal.

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8. Enzo Francescoli was born in Montevideo into a family of Italian origin.

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9. Enzo Francescoli has two brothers: Luis Ernesto, two years older; and Pablo, 13 years younger.

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10. Enzo Francescoli is married to Mariela Yern since 1984 and has two sons with her, Bruno and Marco.

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11. Enzo Francescoli announced his retirement from international football after winning the Copa America for the third time.

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12. In total, Enzo Francescoli made 16 appearances over four editions of the Copa America, scoring five goals, and reaching the final on all four occasions in which he played.

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13. Enzo Francescoli was named player of the tournament, and was elected the best player in South America, at age 34, 11 years after first receiving the honour.

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14. Enzo Francescoli stated in an interview, "[T]he only thing I ask is forgiveness from all Uruguayans.

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15. Enzo Francescoli made his debut for the senior team in 1982, competing in a friendly tournament in India.

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16. Enzo Francescoli was named one of the best young players in the world that year, making three appearances in the 1981 FIFA World Youth Championship.

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17. Enzo Francescoli played 73 times for the Uruguay national team scoring 17 goals, between 1982 and 1997.

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18. Enzo Francescoli finished his season with River Plate with a defeat in the 1996 Intercontinental Cup final against Italian side Juventus.

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19. In 1993, Enzo Francescoli accepted an offer from Turin side Torino, the most recent winner of the Coppa Italia.

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20. Enzo Francescoli was sorely missed by his former team Racing, which, in his absence, was unable to avoid relegation.

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21. Enzo Francescoli became a team idol and in 1987 was elected the best foreign player in France.

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22. Enzo Francescoli won a total of five Argentine titles in the six years in which he played for the club.

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23. Enzo Francescoli was the leading scorer and a key player for the club's second Copa Libertadores title.

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24. Enzo Francescoli played 73 times for the Celeste between 1982 and his retirement in 1997, making him the most capped outfield player in Uruguayan international football at the time.

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