84 Facts About Eric Ebron

1. Eric Ebron was listed as a non-participant in Tuesday's walk-through session, but his listed return to practice Wednesday puts the tight end on track to suit up for Saturday's divisional-round playoff games against the Chiefs.

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2. Eric Ebron was listed as a limited practice participant Wednesday, Andrew Walker of the Colts' official site reports.

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3. Eric Ebron was held out of Tuesday's walkthrough due to a hip injury.

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4. Eric Ebron faces the Kansas City Chiefs, who gave up the most tight end fantasy football points in 2018.

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5. Eric Ebron missed eight games combined in his first three seasons as a pro but hasn't been a DNP for any contest the past two years, despite the occasional appearance on the injury report.

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6. Eric Ebron was held out of Tuesday's walk-through due to a hip injury.

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7. Eric Ebron replaced Brandon Pettigrew who was placed on the physically unable to perform list after tearing his ACL the previous season.

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8. Eric Ebron entered the regular season as the No 1 tight end on the Lions depth chart.

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9. Eric Ebron finished the 2015 NFL season with 47 receptions for 537 receiving yards and five touchdowns in 14 games and eight starts.

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10. Eric Ebron entered training camp in 2014 as the No 2 tight end on the depth chart.

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11. Eric Ebron was sidelined for three games due to a hamstring injury.

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12. Eric Ebron finished with three catches on six targets for 26 yards, a touchdown and 10.1 FanDuel points.

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13. Eric Ebron now has 15 touchdowns in 17 games this season.

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14. Eric Ebron now has 15 touchdowns in his 17 career games as a Colt, after having just 12 touchdowns in four seasons as a Lion.

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15. Eric Ebron is actually the best play of the weekend.

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16. Eric Ebron was held out of Wednesday's practice for rest purposes, Andrew Walker of the Colts' official site reports.

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17. Eric Ebron came wide open down the sideline running an out route for 22 yards.

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18. Eric Ebron got inside position on his defender running up the seam and went low to secure a 9 yard touchdown from Luck.

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19. Eric Ebron gained 16 yards finding a void in the Titans defense on 3rd and 10.

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20. Eric Ebron continues to play like one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

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21. Eric Ebron picked up 13 yards running a corner route lined up in tight.

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22. Eric Ebron was held out of Wednesday's practice, Andrew Walker of Colts.

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23. Eric Ebron seemingly slowed down a bit late in the year, but he still had 22 targets and two TDs over the final four games.

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24. Eric Ebron played in two playoff games during his time with the Detroit Lions, combining for just five catches for 44 yards, both resulting in losses.

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25. Eric Ebron is extremely mobile and has nine receptions for 105 yards and two touchdowns this season against the Texans.

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26. Eric Ebron enrolled at the University of North Carolina in 2011.

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27. Eric Ebron proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years a few minutes ago.

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28. North Carolina tight end Eirc Eric Ebron was taken by the Detroit Lions with the 10th pick Thursday night in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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29. Eric Ebron was officially limited at practice Thursday, Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan Indianapolis reports.

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30. Eric Ebron practiced in a limited fashion Thursday and appeared to maintain that activity level Friday, but the final hurdle of the concussion protocol remains.

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31. Eric Ebron progressed from a limited practice session Thursday to full-go Friday, and the Colts are optimistic that the tight end will be cleared by an independent neurologist Saturday.

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32. Eric Ebron is listed as questionable for Sunday night's game against the Titans after practicing fully Friday, Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan Indianapolis reports.

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33. Eric Ebron beat man coverage over the middle for a gain of 12.

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34. Eric Ebron picked up 12 yards on a check down from Luck running a crossing route.

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35. Eric Ebron came wide open downfield on what appeared to be a blown coverage.

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36. Eric Ebron picked up 7 yards running a shallow crossing route.

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37. Eric Ebron racked up 3 catches for 23 yards in what was essentially garbage time.

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38. Eric Ebron was again targeted in the end zone on the same route he scored on against the Bengals but the pass was broken up by Jalen Mills.

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39. Eric Ebron picked up 6 yards on a check down in the flat from Luck.

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40. Eric Ebron dropped what would have been a 12 yard completion over the middle.

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41. Eric Ebron made a nice sideline catch for a 9 yard gain.

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42. Eric Ebron caught a 5 yard touchdown thanks to a blown coverage.

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43. Eric Ebron made a contested 12 yard catch over the middle.

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44. Eric Ebron picked up 9 yards running a slant on his first target.

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45. Eric Ebron came wide open off of play action for a 1 yard touchdown.

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46. Eric Ebron beat Patrick Chung deep over the middle for a 28 yard catch and run on 3rd and 10.

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47. Eric Ebron beat Devin McCourty running a corner route from the slot for a 14 yard touchdown.

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48. Eric Ebron had a 16 yard gain negated by a holding penalty.

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49. Eric Ebron was a match up problem for the Patriots' safeties and looked smooth and fast running downfield.

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50. Eric Ebron made a 19 yard catch right in the middle of the zone defense.

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51. Eric Ebron found space in front of the Jets' deep safety running down the seam for an 18 yard touchdown.

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52. Eric Ebron is taking advantage of these opportunities and making plays.

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53. Eric Ebron took a jet sweep hand off from Luck into the end zone for a 2 yard touchdown.

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54. Eric Ebron scored 3 first half touchdowns including a great 53 yard catch and run.

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55. Eric Ebron targeted Andrew Luck in the end zone but his pass was slightly overthrown.

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56. Eric Ebron was a non factor against the Titans outside of a failed trick play.

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57. Eric Ebron picked up 13 yards running a slant over the middle.

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58. Eric Ebron picked up 5 yards on a quick screen from Luck.

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59. Eric Ebron made two underneath catches on consecutive plays for 11 yards.

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60. Eric Ebron made his first catch running a curl over the middle for 10 yards.

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61. Eric Ebron picked up 15 yard running another comeback on 3rd and 10.

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62. Eric Ebron gained 13 running a comeback and getting yards after the catch.

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63. Eric Ebron had an up and down game against the Texans.

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64. Eric Ebron had a pass 17 yards downfield get knocked out of his hands by Xavier Woods who made an outstanding play.

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65. Eric Ebron had a 38 yard catch and run negated by a holding penalty.

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66. Eric Ebron was placed in concussion protocol and did not return.

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67. Eric Ebron had two early miscues on deep passes with Luck.

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68. Eric Ebron found limited success while he was on the field.

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69. Eric Ebron left the game in the first half and was placed in concussion protocol.

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70. Eric Ebron will have his work cut out for him this week though, as the Titans have yet to allow a receiving touchdown to a tight end with only two players exceeding 45 yards thanks primarily to the coverage from their solid safety duo of Kenny Vacarro and Kevin Byard.

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71. Eric Ebron cleared concussion protocol and got in a full practice on Friday, and with the Colts needing a victory on Sunday night to make the playoffs, he will likely give it a go.

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72. Eric Ebron finished Week 17 preparations as a full practice participant Friday, but he still carried the questionable tag into the weekend after having yet to clear the NFL's five-step concussion protocol.

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73. Eric Ebron is listed as active for Sunday night's game against the Titans.

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74. On March 19, 2018, Eric Ebron signed with the Indianapolis Colts on a two-year deal worth up to $15 million with incentives.

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75. On March 14, 2018, Eric Ebron was released by the Lions.

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76. Eric Ebron became the highest tight end to be drafted by the Detroit Lions in franchise history, surpassing David Lewis and Brandon Pettigrew (20th overall, 2009).

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77. Eric Ebron was the first tight end drafted and became the eighth highest selection from North Carolina in school history.

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78. Eric Ebron was ranked as the top tight end prospect in the draft by DraftScout.

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79. On March 25, 2014, Eric Ebron participated at North Carolina's pro day, but elected to stand on his combine numbers and only performed the short shuttle, three-cone drill, and positional drills.

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80. On November 25, 2013, Eric Ebron announced his intentions to forgo his remaining eligibility and enter the 2014 NFL Draft.

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81. Eric Ebron was chosen as a finalist for the John Mackey Award, given to the nation's top tight end.

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82. Eric Ebron attended the University of North Carolina from 2011 to 2013.

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83. Eric Ebron was born on April 10, 1993 and is an American football tight end for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

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84. Eric Ebron doubled his catches to 61 for 711 yards.

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