14 Facts About Eric Lipton


Eric S Lipton was born on August 13,1965 and is a reporter at The New York Times based in the Washington Bureau.


Eric Lipton has been a working journalist for three decades, with stints at The Washington Post and the Hartford Courant, and he is the co-author of a history of the World Trade Center.


Eric Lipton is a 1987 graduate of the University of Vermont where he received a BA in philosophy and history as well as working at The Vermont Cynic.


Eric Lipton found that Pruitt had taken draft letters written by the energy companies, put them on his state government stationary and sent them in to officials in Washington.


Eric Lipton was a finalist in 1999 for the Livingston Award for young journalists while working as a reporter at The Washington Post, for a series of stories examining the trash industry in New York City, which then shipped most of its waste via truck to landfills in Virginia.


Eric Lipton spent months after the September 2001 attacks covering the aftermath of the attacks on New York, writing a series of stories for The New York Times and its "Nation Challenged" section about the efforts to recover and identify human remains from the site and to clear the World Trade Center site of the debris left after the attack.


Eric Lipton was among the first reporters to be assigned to cover the Department of Homeland Security full-time.


Eric Lipton started shortly after it was created, writing stories that examined the challenges associated with the largest change in federal bureaucracy since Harry S Truman was president, and chronicling the agency's struggle as it spent billions of dollars on flawed airport security screening equipment and ships for the Coast Guard.


Eric Lipton was sent in December 2004 to Banda Aceh, along with a team of reporters from The New York Times, to cover the earthquake and tsunami there that killed more than 150,000.


Eric Lipton has detailed the potential for conflicts of interest, including Trump Hotel in Washington DC, and Trump operations in the Philippines, Turkey, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Dubai, Vancouver, and other stops.


Eric Lipton looked at how the Trump family took steps to attempt to address some of the issues covered in these stories.


Eric Lipton spent much of 2020 covering the coronavirus outbreak, working with teams of other reporters examining the reasons behind the flawed federal response by the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Eric Lipton's work has been featured in a number of other documentary films, including The Falling Man, by Harry Singer, and War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State, a 2013 film examining government whistleblowers.


Eric Lipton served as a consultant to the 2020 documentary film Totally Under Control, which examined the Trump administration response to the coronavirus pandemic.