10 Facts About Essex Police


Essex Police is a territorial police force responsible for policing the county of Essex, in the East of England.

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Essex Police are overseen by the elected Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst.

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Southend-on-Sea Borough Essex Police was established by the county borough of Southend-on-Sea, England, in 1914.

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Since 1849, the following officers of Essex Police were killed while attempting to prevent or stop a crime in progress:.

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Essex Police is one of the United Kingdom's largest non-metropolitan police forces with a strength of over 4000 sworn police officers.

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Essex Police was the subject of the television series Police Interceptors, which followed the work of the specialist Mobile Support Division's ANPR intercept unit that utilise high-performance pursuit vehicles, including the Mitsubishi Evo X and Subaru Impreza, to pursue and intercept mobile criminals.

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In late 2016, Essex Police was the subject of a television series The Force: Essex, which followed the duties and responsibilities of Essex Police in the modern day, covering the front-line aspect of the police officers on duty, across Essex.

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In 2012 Essex Police moved away from the divisional structure to a patrol based structure and the former components of the Mobile Support Division were moved to new command structures.

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OSG are members of Essex Police trained to deal with riots, drugs raids, other public order incidents, escorting suspects to be extradited to other countries, CRBN, and evacuation in the event of CRBN attack.

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Essex Police uses a number of different types of vehicles in its operations:.

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