24 Facts About Ethan Hunt

1. Ethan Hunt is portrayed in all appearances by famous American actor and producter Tom Cruise.

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2. Ethan Hunt is proactive, tending to initiate events rather than respond to them.

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3. Ethan Hunt pursues Walker in a helicopter while Luther, Benji and Ilsa find the bombs in two separate locations.

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4. Ethan Hunt pursues Walker in London and is unable to capture him.

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5. Ethan Hunt is rescued by disavowed British agent Ilsa Faust, a Syndicate operative who offers no explanation for her actions.

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6. Ethan Hunt introduces the team to his former colleague Luther Stickell, and then issues them new assignments.

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7. Ethan Hunt is recruited to lead Carter and Dunn to infiltrate the secret Moscow Kremlin archives and locate files identifying Cobalt.

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8. Ethan Hunt successfully revives Ethan Hunt, and he explains his true IMF career to her.

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9. Ethan Hunt reaches the hideout of Davian, beats two armed guards revealing the real Julia who is gagged.

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10. Ethan Hunt bites on Musgrave's hand and knocks him unconscious, freeing himself, and uses Musgrave's phone to track down the location of Musgrave's last call.

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11. Ethan Hunt plans a mission to capture Davian without seeking official approval.

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12. Ethan Hunt learns that Lindsey mailed him a postcard before her capture and discovers a magnetic microdot under the stamp.

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13. In 2006, Ethan Hunt has retired from field work for the Impossible Missions Force and instead trains recruits while settling down with Julia Meade-Hunt, a nurse who is unaware of Ethan's true job.

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14. Ethan Hunt learns that Ambrose is holding Nyah and stops firing, during which Ambrose orders Nyah to retrieve the last sample.

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15. Ethan Hunt is able to destroy all but one sample of the virus before Ambrose interrupts him, and a firefight ensues.

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16. Ethan Hunt hangs up, after allowing Kittridge to trace him to the London area, turnes around and walkes right into Jim Phelps.

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17. Ethan Hunt begins a correspondence with "Max", explaining that the NOC list was a fake and offering to deliver the real NOC list in exchange for the identity of the mole.

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18. Ethan Hunt enlisted for the Infantry military occupational specialty and decided that he would become an Army Ranger.

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19. Ethan Hunt is underwater for about a minute when the car that he and Brandt are in plunges into the Moscow River.

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20. Ethan Hunt appears as a playable character in the crossover game Lego Dimensions, with archive footage from the first film being used for his voice.

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21. Ethan Hunt manages to pull the team together, stop a nuclear bomb and clear the IMF of any involvement in the Kremlin attack.

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22. Ethan Hunt is called back into service to rescue a former student called Lindsey Farris captured during a mission in Germany, and recovers confidential information via stolen laptop.

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23. Ethan Hunt attempts to infiltrate Ambrose's inner circle through Ambrose's former girlfriend, Nyah Nordoff-Hall, an accomplished thief.

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24. Ethan Hunt is portrayed by Tom Cruise in all films to date.

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