5 Facts About Ethan Stiefel

1. In March 2014, Ethan Stiefel announced that he would not extend his contract with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and would return to the United States.

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2. In November 2010 Ethan Stiefel was announced as the next director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

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3. In 2008, Ethan Stiefel was a recipient of the Dance Magazine Award along with Pina Bausch, Sylvia Walters, and Lawrence Rhodes for his role as a leader in the dance field.

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4. In 2007, Ethan Stiefel made his debut with the Australian Ballet in Nureyev's staging of Don Quixote, for its Melbourne and Sydney seasons, in the role of Basilio.

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5. In 1998, Ethan Stiefel was nominated for the Benois de la Danse award as one of the rising stars in ballet.

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