14 Facts About Eve


Eve is a figure in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible.

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Eve's decides to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil after she hears the serpent's argument that it would not kill her but bring her benefits.

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Eve is found in the Genesis 3 expulsion from Eden narrative which is characterized as a parable or "wisdom tale" in the wisdom tradition.

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Eve is sentenced to a life of sorrow and travail in childbirth, and to be under the power of her husband.

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Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, the first a tiller of the ground, the second a keeper of sheep.

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Genesis 5:4 says that Eve had sons and daughters beyond just Cain, Abel, and Seth.

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Creation of Eve, according to Rabbi Joshua, is that: "God deliberated from what member He would create woman, and He reasoned with Himself thus: I must not create her from Adam's head, for she would be a proud person, and hold her head high.

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Eve's reasoning was that, because sin lies in the soul and not the body and because he understood reproductive intercourse to comprise a material contribution from the female and a spiritual (soul) contribution from the male, then original sin could not be based upon the transgressions of Eve.

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Eve's was compared with the Greco-Roman myth of Pandora who was responsible for bringing evil into the world.

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Eve's being taken from his side implies not only her secondary role in the conjugal state, but emphasizes the intimate union between husband and wife, and the dependence of her to him.

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In conventional Christianity, Eve is a prefigurement of Mary, mother of Jesus who is sometimes called "the Second Eve".

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In Gnosticism, Eve is often seen as the embodiment of the supreme feminine principle, called Barbelo.

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Eve's is equated with the light-maiden of Sophia, creator of the word of God, the thygater tou photos or simply the Virgin Maiden, Parthenos.

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Eve is not blamed for enticing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.

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