21 Facts About Evesham


Evesham is a market town and parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, in the West Midlands region of England.

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Evesham is derived from the Old English homme or ham, and Eof, the name of a swineherd in the service of Egwin, third bishop of Worcester.

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Evesham was a borough and market town in the hundred of Blackenhurst in county ofWorcestershire and after 1837 head of the Evesham Poor Law Union which took responsibility for the administration and funding of the Poor Law, and built a workhouse for that area.

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Evesham is a town and civil parish governed at the lowest tier of local government by Evesham Town Council, part of the Wychavon District of the County of Worcestershire.

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Evesham is situated on a horseshoe-shaped peninsula almost completely surrounded by water in a meander of the River Avon between Stratford-upon-Avon and Tewkesbury.

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Evesham is linked to Bengeworth by Workman Bridge and Hampton by Abbey Bridge, or New Bridge the first completely structural concrete bridge in the country.

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River Avon at Evesham has always been susceptible to heavy flooding which is well documented from the 13th century.

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In May 1998, Evesham was one of the towns worst hit by record flooding along the River Avon.

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In 1728, the London to Worcester road through Evesham was turnpiked, as was the Evesham to Alcester road in 1778, improving communications in the area.

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Bus services in Evesham are operated by a number of operators including Diamond Bus, Stagecoach in Warwickshire and First Worcestershire providing links to Worcester, Redditch and various rural communities.

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Schools in Evesham follow the three-tier education model of first school, middle school, and high school adopted by Wychavon District Council 1974 and completed by 1977.

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The Vale of Evesham School, operated by Worcestershire County Council, caters for children from the area aged 2 – 19 with special needs, and learning disabilities.

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Evesham had a distinctive dialect, which locals called "Asum Grammar", or "Asum Grammer".

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The Henrician Evesham is managed by Prince Henry's Evesham Arts Theatre Trust a registered charity.

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Local folklore is provided for by the Legend of Evesham surrounding the life of Eof, an 8th-century swineherd credited with the founding of the town, and St Egwin the Bishop of Worcester who founded the abbey and who whose feet had been fettered and the key thrown in the River Avon.

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On returning to Evesham, Egwin declared that a monastery be built on the spot where the key had been cast in the river.

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In 2007, the weekly free newspaper Evesham Observer was launched by Midlands-based Observer-Standard series of newspapers, now the family-owned Bullivant Media.

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Evesham Vale Running Club hold their 10K race event annually.

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Evesham has a 97-bed community hospital in Waterside, outside the town centre, used mainly by the elderly and for convalescence, although consultants from major Worcester NHS hospitals hold clinics there.

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Evesham has several nursing and retirement homes for the care of senior citizens.

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The Evesham area is covered by the Midlands Air Ambulance service, which has operated from the site of Strensham motorway services since 1991.

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