13 Facts About Evgenia Tarasova


Evgenia Maksimovna Tarasova is a Russian pair skater.


Evgenia Tarasova was born on 17 December 1994 in Kazan, Russia.


On 18 March 2022, Tarasova appeared at Vladimir Putin's Moscow rally celebrating the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation from Ukraine and justifying the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Evgenia Tarasova wore the Z military symbol used by the invading Russian army in Ukraine.


Early in her career, Evgenia Tarasova trained in Kazan and competed in single skating.


Evgenia Tarasova appeared at one ISU Junior Grand Prix event, placing fourth in Belarus in 2008.


Evgenia Tarasova competed partnered with Egor Chudin for two seasons on the senior level.


At the suggestion of Nina Mozer, Evgenia Tarasova teamed up with Vladimir Morozov in the spring of 2012.


Morozov fell on both of their jumping passes, and Evgenia Tarasova was hurt when a lift collapsed near the end of their free program but was able to resume and complete the final element, a pair spin.


Evgenia Tarasova was taken to the hospital and found to have no serious injuries.


Second in the free skate, with Evgenia Tarasova doubling a planned triple jump, they lost the gold medal by 0.47 points.


Evgenia Tarasova made a very similar error in the free skate and an error on a throw, which placed them third in that segment and fourth overall.


Evgenia Tarasova stepped out of her opening triple Salchow attempt in the free, but otherwise, they skated without error and were second in that segment, winning the silver medal.