29 Facts About Fabio Capello

1. Fabio Capello is represented by his son Pier Filippo, who acts as his agent.

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2. Fabio Capello has spent his entire adult life working in football.

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3. Fabio Capello is a devout Catholic who prays twice a day.

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4. Fabio Capello usually partnered the team's main striker David Trezeguet alongside the emerging Zlatan Ibrahimovic up-front, with the latter playing in a more creative role, while the team's captain, Alessandro Del Piero, was used mostly as a substitute.

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5. On 11 June 2017, Fabio Capello signed a contract with Chinese club Jiangsu Suning.

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6. Fabio Capello began his day-to-day role on 7 January 2008 on a four-and-a-half-year deal.

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7. Fabio Capello was formally appointed as manager of the England national team on 14 December 2007.

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8. Fabio Capello was criticised for not playing David Beckham because of his contract wranglings and Ronaldo, who struggled for fitness and form.

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9. Fabio Capello said that results were much more important than playing beautifully.

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10. Fabio Capello quickly drew the disdain of Real's ardent supporters because of his defensive playing style.

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11. Fabio Capello arrived at a Real Madrid side in 2006, suffering one of the longest spells without a trophy in their history.

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12. In 2004, Fabio Capello left debt-ridden Roma to sign with Juventus.

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13. Fabio Capello believed he had taken Roma as far as he could, and began to seriously considered a move.

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14. Fabio Capello resisted calls for his resignation, and the team's results dramatically improved helped by the performances of the Brazilian midfielder Emerson.

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15. Fabio Capello built his side around Marco Delvecchio, sometimes leaving Vincenzo Montella on the bench.

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16. Fabio Capello enjoyed a spell as a colour commentator for Italian television, participating in coverage of the 1999 Copa America.

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17. Fabio Capello told a reporter that he "sat on a beach and thought about football".

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18. Fabio Capello had a single season in charge of Real guiding the club to the Spanish league title in 1997.

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19. Fabio Capello was unveiled as the new Real Madrid coach in 1996.

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20. Fabio Capello replaced Sacchi as Milan manager in June 1991, and was a controversial appointment as he was seen as a Berlusconi "yes-man" compared to the demanding but highly successful Sacchi.

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21. Fabio Capello was promoted to first team coach in 1987, and worked as Nils Liedholm's assistant.

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22. Fabio Capello completed the last of his coaching badges in 1986.

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23. Fabio Capello scored at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino, but Juventus lost the tie on away goals.

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24. Fabio Capello became an influential figure under new manager Cestmir Vycpalek, despite being only 24, and was assigned the number 10 shirt; he largely decided the team's tactics for the 1971 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final against Leeds United.

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25. Fabio Capello escaped with a fine from the club after Picchi insisted that he not receive a suspension.

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26. In 1967, Fabio Capello moved to Roma where he became a key player for the club.

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27. Fabio Capello was signed by Paolo Mazza, the President of SPAL, for the fee of two million lire despite interest from Milan.

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28. Fabio Capello was appointed as manager of the England national team in December 2007.

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29. Fabio Capello is an Italian former professional football manager and player.

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