14 Facts About Farah Mendlesohn


Farah Jane Mendlesohn was born on 27 July 1968 and is a British academic historian, writer on speculative fiction, and active member of science fiction fandom.


Farah Mendlesohn is known for books on the history of fantasy, including Children's Fantasy Literature: An Introduction, co-written with Michael Levy.


In 2015, Farah Mendlesohn received the SFRA Clareson award for distinguished service to the science fiction field.


Farah Jane Mendlesohn was born on 27 July 1968 in Manchester, England.


Farah Mendlesohn writes on the history of American religions and British and American science fiction and fantasy.


Farah Mendlesohn was the editor of Foundation - The International Review of Science Fiction from 2002 to 2007, and served as its chair from 2004.


Farah Mendlesohn's best known work is the 2008 non-fiction book Rhetorics of Fantasy.

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The four modes, or "rhetorics", Farah Mendlesohn proposes are: portal-quest fantasy, where the protagonists travel from our world to a fantastical one; immersive fantasy, where only the fantastical world exists; intrusion fantasy, where the barriers between the fantasy and real worlds break down; and liminal fantasy, set in a world where certain elements are seen as irrational by the reader but are unquestioned by the characters.


In 2016 Farah Mendlesohn wrote Children's Fantasy Literature: An Introduction with collaborator Michael Levy.


In 2005 Farah Mendlesohn won the Hugo Award for Best Related Work for The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction, which edited with historian Edward James.


James and Farah Mendlesohn edited The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature, released in 2012, and wrote A Short History of Fantasy in 2009.


In 2010 Farah Mendlesohn was nominated twice for the Best Related Work Hugo, for The Inter-Galactic Playground: A Critical Study of Children's and Teens' Science Fiction, and for On Joanna Russ.


Farah Mendlesohn is an active volunteer member of the administration for science fiction conventions.


In 2017, Farah Mendlesohn announced that a critical study of Robert Heinlein was to be published by the crowdfunding publisher Unbound.