11 Facts About Feminist Press


Feminist Press is an American independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice.

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The Feminist Press is the longest surviving women's publishing house in the world.

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In 1972, the Feminist Press became a 5013 organization with tax-exempt status and in 1975, the press moved into its own headquarters in a separate house on campus, a cottage which had been faculty apartments and a garage.

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The Feminist Press was committed to creating a democratic workplace where staff served on the Board which made all publishing and policy decisions.

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Feminist Press played a pioneering role in the nascent field of Women's Studies by providing curricular materials, bibliographies, directories, and a newsletter.

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Feminist Press remains rooted in the symbiotic relationship between a publication and its readership.

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Feminist Press has remained current and relevant within the fast-changing world of modern politics and the rapid evolution of feminism.

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Feminist Press has demonstrated a commitment to publishing diverse voices in translation.

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Feminist Press established the Louise Meriwether First Book Prize, a literary prize for debut women and nonbinary authors of color, in partnership with TAYO Literary Magazine.

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Feminist Press won the 2020 Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Book Critics Circle Awards.

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Feminist Press publishes WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal.

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