9 Facts About Fernanda Montenegro

1. On December 14, 2006, Fernanda Montenegro directly addressed the Brazilian Senate, strongly criticizing the legislation and famously asserting "Culture is, above all, a social need.

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2. In 1998, Fernanda Montenegro delivered the performance of a career, starring in Central do Brasil, as Dora.

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3. Throughout the 1970s, Fernanda Montenegro was featured in a series of other movies, but none seemed to match the degree of acclaim as her debut, until, in 1978, she starred as Elvira Barata, opposite Paulo Gracindo, in Arnaldo Jabor's Tudo Bem.

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4. In the same year, Fernanda Montenegro had participated in the cast of the telenovela Babilonia, written by Gilberto Braga, in the role of Teresa, a homosexual lawyer who maintains a relationship with the character Nathalia Timberg, Estela.

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5. In 2013, at age 85 years, Fernanda Montenegro returns to television in the remake of Saramandaia.

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6. In 2012, Fernanda Montenegro starred in the latest episode of the miniseries As Brasileiras as an actress without much talent named Mary Torres.

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7. In the latter, Fernanda Montenegro once again left a significant impression in Brazilian pop culture, starring in a now-immortalized food fight scene, opposite Paulo Autran.

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8. Throughout the 1970s Fernanda Montenegro moved away from television, rather focusing on her theatre and film career.

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9. In late 1940s, Fernanda Montenegro was adapting famous theatre plays to radio.

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