22 Facts About Fletcher Tabuteau


Fletcher Hoporona Tabuteau was born on 1974 and is a New Zealand politician and former Member of Parliament.


Fletcher Tabuteau was elected as a list MP for the New Zealand First party from 2014 to 2020 and was deputy leader of the party from 2018 to 2020.


Fletcher Tabuteau is married to Karen, with whom he shares two children.


Fletcher Tabuteau's whanau include senior New Zealand First party official Tommy Gear and New Zealand Police deputy commissioner Wally Haumaha.


Fletcher Tabuteau attended Rotorua Boys' High School before completing tertiary study in business and teaching at Waiariki Institute of Technology and the University of Waikato.


Fletcher Tabuteau taught mathematics and social studies at Rotorua Boys' for eight years and was the careers adviser and senior dean.


Fletcher Tabuteau was an economics lecturer and head of the business school at Waiariki Institute of Technology from 2011 until his election to Parliament at the 2014 election.


Fletcher Tabuteau is a long-standing member and supporter of New Zealand First.


Fletcher Tabuteau joined the party as a teenager after his parents drove him from Rotorua to Auckland to attend the party's launch event in 1993.


Fletcher Tabuteau has held various positions on the party's Rotorua branch committee including treasurer and chairman.


Fletcher Tabuteau stood unsuccessfully for the party in the Rotorua electorate during the 2002,2005 and 2011.


Fletcher Tabuteau was first elected into the New Zealand House of Representatives on the New Zealand First list during the 2014 general election.


Fletcher Tabuteau was re-elected on the New Zealand First list during the 2017 general election.


Fletcher Tabuteau was the party's spokesperson on commerce, energy, revenue, tourism and trade and was a member of the foreign affairs, defence and trade committee.


Fletcher Tabuteau later gained further appointment as Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control when that ministerial position was re-created in May 2018.


Fletcher Tabuteau had delegated responsibility for the New Zealand Agency for International Development programme and supporting the delivery of regional economic action plans.


Fletcher Tabuteau succeeded Ron Mark as deputy leader of New Zealand First on 27 February 2018.


Fletcher Tabuteau resigned that position in 2020 after the party's defeat in the 2020 New Zealand general election.


Fletcher Tabuteau unsuccessfully contested the Rotorua electorate for the sixth time, coming in fourth place.


In March 2021, Fletcher Tabuteau began working for Rotorua District Council in a part-time economic development role.


In July 2021, Fletcher Tabuteau announced that he would be a candidate for the Rotorua mayoralty at the 2022 local elections, following the incumbent Steve Chadwick's decision not to stand again.


Fletcher Tabuteau continued in his council role until January 2022.