32 Facts About Fort Saskatchewan


Fort Saskatchewan is a city along the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada.

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The original fort was located across the river from the hamlet of Lamoureux, and Fort Saskatchewan opened a replica of the fort next to its original site in 2011.

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Fort Saskatchewan is bordered by Strathcona County to the south and east, Sturgeon County to the north and west, and the City of Edmonton to the southwest.

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The mouth of the Sturgeon River, located near modern-day Fort Saskatchewan's industrial business park, was an ideal location to gather the materials necessary to construct canoes.

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The area of modern-day Fort Saskatchewan was called "Birch Hills", as birch bark was an important component in canoe making.

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Chief Factor Richard Hardisty, in charge of Fort Saskatchewan Edmonton, wanted the police garrison to be located across the river and slightly upstream from his fort.

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Fort Saskatchewan was incorporated as a village in 1899, a town in 1904, and a city in 1985.

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The power plant on the grounds of the gaol supplied the entire town for eight years, during-which Fort Saskatchewan faced numerous issues with residents neglecting to pay their power bills.

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Fort Saskatchewan did not have its own hospital, so a local home owner, Mrs Graham, donated her house to be used as a temporary medical facility; four residents were treated there.

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Fort Saskatchewan annexed 952 hectares of land from Strathcona County on January 1,2020.

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Fort Saskatchewan originally requested 2,000 hectares from Strathcona County, including industrial land to the north, but the two municipalities negotiated an agreement involving less land.

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Since Fort Saskatchewan was incorporated as a town in 1904, it has had 30 residents serve as its mayor as of 2021.

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Fort Saskatchewan submitted a bid to annex 784 hectares of industrial land to its east from Strathcona County in 1988.

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The province announced that Fort Saskatchewan's bid was successful in 1991, stating that the city would annex 1,144 hectares of land from Strathcona County on December 31,1991.

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Fort Saskatchewan has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.

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Fort Saskatchewan is divided into seven residential neighbourhoods and two industrial parks.

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Fort Saskatchewan's population, according to its 2019 municipal census, is 26,942; a change of 2.

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Fort Saskatchewan has developed as a regional hub for stores and services; in 2019 it served a catchment area of approximately 75,000 people, both locally and from communities to its north and east, including Lamont, Bruderheim, and Redwater.

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Original Fort Saskatchewan Mall was located on a 49,000-square-metre parcel on the east side of downtown, and contained 16,000 square metres of retail space.

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Fort Saskatchewan has Harbour Pool: An indoor swimming pool with a hot tub, sauna, and slide.

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Fort Saskatchewan is served by a public library located in the same building as City Hall.

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Fort Saskatchewan is home to the Heartland Roller Derby Association, a flat-track roller-derby league formed in 2016.

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Fort Saskatchewan was home to Canada's longest serving firefighter: Walter Thomas .

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Fort Saskatchewan is a member of the Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Services Commission, which will begin service in mid-2022.

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Fort Saskatchewan's water is supplied by the Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission.

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At the provincial level of government, Fort Saskatchewan is part of the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville riding, which has been represented by Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk since 2019.

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At the federal level, Fort Saskatchewan is part of the Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan riding and is represented by Garnett Genuis .

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Fort Saskatchewan has no post-secondary schools that are open to the public, but its corrections centre partners with NorQuest College to provide academic upgrading, personal development courses, and employment training courses to inmates.

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Fort Saskatchewan's schools are governed by two different school boards – Elk Island Public Schools and Elk Island Catholic Schools.

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Fort Saskatchewan's elected trustees on the EIPS board are Heather Wall and Harvey Stadnick.

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The Fort Saskatchewan Record is a weekly home-delivered newspaper published on Thursdays.

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Fort Saskatchewan has one local radio station that broadcasts live on air.

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