29 Facts About Frank Giustra


Frank Giustra was born on August 22,1957 and is a Canadian businessman, mining financier and global philanthropist, who founded Lionsgate Entertainment.


Frank Giustra is CEO of Fiore Group of Companies and co-chair of International Crisis Group.


Frank Giustra's father worked in the mines as a driller and blaster.


Giuseppe Frank Giustra was a Sudbury nickel miner, who introduced his son to his broker.


Frank Giustra graduated in 1979 from Douglas College where he spent his first year playing trumpet in the school's music program before switching over to business and finance.


Frank Giustra began his career in the investment industry in 1978 with Merrill Lynch as an assistant trader and then as a stockbroker.


Frank Giustra raised "billions of dollars and developing a loyal following of investors in mining ventures" while at the Vancouver Stock Exchange as broker.

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Frank Giustra left in 1996 before the mining sector collapsed.


From 2001 to 2007, Frank Giustra was chair of Endeavour Financial, a merchant banking firm which financed mining companies.


In June 2007, when Frank Giustra stepped down as chairman of Endeavour Financial "to pursue his philanthropic interests", he became Endeavour's exclusive financial adviser.


Frank Giustra hoped to capitalize on the growing film industry in Vancouver.


Frank Giustra bought a number of small production facilities and distributors.


In 2000, Frank Giustra left the firm and it was taken over by Jon Feltheimer and Michael Burns.


Frank Giustra sold most of his stake in Lionsgate in 2003.


In December 2010, Frank Giustra returned to Lions Gate Entertainment as a member of the board of directors.


Frank Giustra is a major shareholder of Thunderbird Entertainment, a pure play content production studio creating original programming in scripted, factual and animation that includes Atomic Cartoons and Great Pacific Television.


Mr Frank Giustra is president and CEO of the Fiore Group, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments and companies, focussing on natural resources, entertainment, art, food and lifestyle.


Frank Giustra is a major shareholder of Thunderbird Entertainment, a company focused on content and distribution in the television and film sector.


Mr Frank Giustra has an established track record of building natural resource companies through access to capital and creative deal-making.


Frank Giustra is frequently quoted regarding gold and currency markets in publications such as Globe and Mail, Kitco News, StockHouse.


The Frank Giustra Foundation is involved in the global refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid, along with being the founding partner in the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative.


The Frank Giustra Foundation has worked with the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Vancouver on Streetohome, a community-based initiative established in 2008 which brings together non-profits, civil society groups, business, governments and citizens to address homelessness in Vancouver.


Frank Giustra sits on the board of Streetohome Foundation and chairs the capital campaign.


Frank Giustra donated $5 million to the foundation in 2010.


Acceso, with support from Frank Giustra, invested start-up capital, built from scratch, and manages agribusinesses in Colombia, El Salvador, and Haiti.

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Frank Giustra committed $USD 100 million plus half of what he earns in the resource industry for the rest of his life.


On June 17,2010, Frank Giustra joined with Carlos Slim and President Clinton to create a $20 million fund to assist small businesses in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.


In 2020, Frank Giustra was named co-chair of the International Crisis Group.


Frank Giustra has been a trustee of the International Crisis Group since July 1,2006, an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts through high-level advocacy.