13 Facts About Franziska Giffey


Franziska Giffey is a German politician of the Social Democratic Party who served as Governing Mayor of Berlin from December 2021 to April 2023, the first woman elected to this position.


Franziska Giffey previously served as Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2018 until 2021.


Franziska Giffey subsequently studied administrative law at the Fachhochschule fur Verwaltung und Rechtspflege in Berlin from 1998 until 2001.


Franziska Giffey's thesis dealt with the inclusion of civil society by the European Commission in EU decision-making.


In 2015, Giffey succeeded Heinz Buschkowsky as mayor of the Berlin district of Neukolln, home to many immigrants and high unemployment.


Franziska Giffey succeeded Katarina Barley in this office, who became Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection.


In mid-2020, Franziska Giffey presented the government's first equality strategy, which bundled together measures that aim to get more women into leadership roles, narrow the gender pay gap, and improve work-life balance.

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Franziska Giffey resigned as minister on 19 May 2021 but immediately won the candidacy for Berlin mayor from the SPD, which she did not relinquish until the end of her term in April 2023.


On 26 September 2021, the SPD, which Franziska Giffey served as the Mayoral candidate for in Berlin, would retain most seats in the Berlin House of Representatives following the 2021 Berlin state election.


On 28 November 2021, a coalition agreement between the SPD, the Green Party and the Left Party in Berlin was finalized, though the proposed government program still awaited approval from individual party committees before Franziska Giffey could take office.


On 21 December 2021, Franziska Giffey was sworn in as Mayor of Berlin after 84 Berlin House deputies voted in favor of her, while 52 voted against her and two abstained.


Franziska Giffey was nominated by her party as delegate to the Federal Convention for the purpose of electing the President of Germany in 2022.


Franziska Giffey has been married to a veterinarian since 2009; the couple has one child.