19 Facts About Gallaudet University


Gallaudet University is a private federally chartered research university in Washington, D C for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing.

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Gallaudet University is officially bilingual, with American Sign Language and written English used for instruction and by the college community.

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Superintendent Gallaudet University, anticipating the future growth of the school, requested money for more buildings, lamenting the fact that the money was not issued in the year prior, due to federal budget problems.

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Gallaudet University praised Kendall for donating money needed to construct a new brick building; both existing school buildings were already at capacity.

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Gallaudet University reported that the students were safe and free from fear.

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Gallaudet University asked for money to pipe in water from the Anacostia River, as the existing cistern and well were inadequate for the school's burgeoning needs.

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Gallaudet University continued to push for funds for expansion and new buildings.

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Gallaudet University proposed that a representative of the school be sent to Europe to study the methods employed there, in order to determine which types of instructional methods might be added to those methods already being used successfully at the Columbia Institution and other American schools.

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Gallaudet University gave a lengthy account of his travels to Europe in 1867 and was very critical of the extent to which speech is taught to deaf children in European schools for the deaf.

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The chief topic of discussion was the recommendations put forth by Edward Gallaudet University regarding adding articulation lessons to schools' curricula.

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Gallaudet University delivered a eulogy at the board meeting in January 1870.

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Gallaudet University cautioned Congress that Kendall's heirs had plans to subdivide the property if it was not sold to the Columbia Institution, and hence the land would never again become available for purchase as a whole.

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Gallaudet University's was told that deaf women could not enter the institution at the time.

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Gallaudet University led the college in developing new departments, especially drama.

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Gallaudet University directed Gallaudet theater productions, which eventually led to starting the National Theatre of the Deaf.

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Gallaudet University offers thirty graduate programs in ten Departments as well as on-line and on-campus continuing education courses.

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Gallaudet University campus, comprising the Gallaudet University College Historic District, has been designated a historic place on several registries and surveys:.

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Gallaudet University operates a child development center with admissions priority for children of faculty, staff, and students.

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Gallaudet University announced his decision in a heart-felt meeting with the football team.

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