10 Facts About Gary Merrill


Gary Fred Merrill was an American film and television actor whose credits included more than 50 feature films, a half-dozen mostly short-lived TV series, and dozens of television guest appearances.


Gary Merrill starred in All About Eve and married his costar Bette Davis.


Gary Merrill began acting in 1944, while still in the United States Army Air Forces, in the play Winged Victory.


Gary Merrill played a detective and love interest of Barbara Stanwyck's character in Witness to Murder.


Gary Merrill appeared from 1954 to 1956 as Jason Tyler on the crime drama Justice.


In 1958, Gary Merrill guest starred with June Lockhart in the roles of Joshua and Emily Newton in the episode "Medicine Man" of the series Cimarron City.


Gary Merrill had recurring roles in Then Came Bronson with Michael Parks and Young Doctor Kildare, both of which lasted less than a season.


Gary Merrill took part in the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965 to promote Black voter registration.


Gary Merrill survived his second ex-wife, Bette Davis, by only five months, dying of lung cancer in Falmouth, Maine, on March 5,1990.


Gary Merrill was survived by a son, Michael; a daughter, Margot; a brother, Jerry; and two grandchildren.