23 Facts About Gary Whitta


Gary Leslie Whitta was born on 21 July 1972 and is an English screenwriter, author, game designer, and video game journalist.

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Gary Whitta was editor-in-chief of both the UK and US editions of PC Gamer magazine and contributor to gaming magazine ACE.

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Gary Whitta began his career as a writer and games journalist for ACE magazine.

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Gary Whitta subsequently served as the editor of Total Football.

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Besides his involvement setting up PC Gamer, Gary Whitta has a long history of involvement with print and online magazines of all kinds.

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ACE magazine was owned by UK publisher Future Publishing, and in early 2000 Gary Whitta worked with Future to establish a film magazine, Total Movie magazine.

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Gary Whitta has found Hollywood success as the screenwriter of the film The Book of Eli.

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Gary Whitta was working on a script known as the "Monkey Project" with Chris Weston, which would have reimagined the classic Buddhist novel Journey to the West as an animated series.

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Gary Whitta wrote the script for the action thriller film Undying.

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Gary Whitta was hired to script the first Star Wars stand-alone film, Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards.

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Gary Whitta has written for Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, and Gears of War.

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Gary Whitta has consulted on general game design for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, Midway Games, and others.

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Gary Whitta is the writer behind a popular short series of comic books based on the Death, Jr.

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Gary Whitta spoke about his experience writing this comic with Silver Bullet Comics in May 2005.

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Gary Whitta was a frequent commentator on the PC Gamer podcast and he co-hosted the Game Theory podcast with Colin Campbell, which has since stopped being produced.

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Gary Whitta commentated on the Next Gen podcast until the podcast was canceled.

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Gary Whitta was a weekly co-host of This is Only a Test and an occasional guest on Behind the Screened Door (Screened), the Giant Bombcast (Giant Bomb) the Comic Vine Podcast, before Whiskey Media was sold in two deals to CBS Interactive and BermanBraun.

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In October 2011, Gary Whitta helped raise over $50, 000 for Child's Play when he co-hosted a 24-hour-long, live-streamed edition of This is Only a Test with Tested creators Will Smith and Norman Chan.

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Gary Whitta continues to chair the Octoberkast charity event every year, creating the "Space Rocks" game in 2013.

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Gary Whitta has returned as a guest on Giant Bomb's Giant Bombcast in recent years.

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In November 2017, Gary Whitta became an official co-host for the video game podcast, Kinda Funny Games Daily after numerous guest appearances on the show and one on Kinda Funny's flagship podcast The GameOverGreggy Show.

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Additionally, Gary Whitta has been a co-host for Kinda Funny's Xbox-centric podcast, the Kinda Funny Xcast, since its premiere in July 2020.

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On 21 August 2020, Gary Whitta announced Talk Guys, a talk show based in the game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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