16 Facts About Gary Wiggins


Gary Wiggins was an Australian professional cyclist, who specialised in six-day racing.

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Gary Wiggins's son is the British cyclist, five-time Olympic champion and 2012 Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins.

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The young Gary Wiggins showed ability in cycling, and participated in cycling competitions around Victoria and Australia, becoming the National Junior Track champion.

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Gary Wiggins had a surge of speed at the end of races, which won sprint finishes.

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Gary Wiggins married as a teenager and had a daughter Shannon, but left his family and Australia for the United Kingdom in 1974.

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Gary Wiggins raced as an amateur for Archer Road Club in west London.

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The marriage broke down in 1982 and for 14 years Gary Wiggins had no contact with his son, who returned to London with his mother.

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Gary Wiggins raced on the Continent for nine years; during this period he partied hard and had a reputation as a supplier of amphetamines to other riders.

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Gary Wiggins was successful on the European Kermesse circuit including in 1981 beating Lucien Van Impe at Eeklo in Belgium.

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Gary Wiggins retired from professional cycling and returned permanently to Australia after a crash in Copenhagen in January 1987.

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Gary Wiggins worked as a housepainter in Muswellbrook, New South Wales, in later years.

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Gary Wiggins remarried and had a second daughter, but this marriage failed.

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Gary Wiggins was taken to nearby Muswellbrook Hospital before being airlifted to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, where he died.

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The coroner's inquest found that the evening before, Gary Wiggins had attended a party at a house in Aberdeen, but soon had fought with the man who lived at the house.

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Gary Wiggins had been thrown to the ground several times and ejected from the party.

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Gary Wiggins' sister has continued to publicly question the verdict and has requested that the police investigation be reopened.

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