6 Facts About Gay Byrne

1. In 2011, Gay Byrne experienced a health scare at his home in Sandymount when he struggled to breathe.

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2. On 13 August 2011, Gay Byrne announced that he would not be a candidate for the Presidency.

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3. In March 2006, Gay Byrne was appointed as the Chairman of the Irish Road Safety Authority, a public body given the task of improving road safety in the Republic of Ireland.

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4. On 21 May 1999, Gay Byrne presented his last edition of The Late Late Show.

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5. When he was young, Gay Byrne was inspired by the broadcaster Eamonn Andrews, who had a successful career on British television, and "wanted to be what he was".

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6. In 2010, The Irish Times said Gay Byrne was "unquestionably the most influential radio and television man in the history of the Irish State".

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