12 Facts About GE Healthcare


In early 2002, GE HealthCare had acquired MedicaLogic for approximately $32 million.

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Also in April 2002, GE HealthCare completed the acquisition of Visualization Technology, Inc, Boston, MA; a manufacturer of intra-operative medical devices and related products for use in minimally invasive image guided surgery.

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In 2003, GE HealthCare acquired Instrumentarium, a producer, manufacturer, and supplier of anesthesia machines and mechanical ventilators.

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IDX was folded into GE HealthCare Integrated IT Solutions, which specializes in clinical information systems and healthcare revenue management.

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On July 17,2008, GE HealthCare announced John Dineen had been chosen to replace outgoing CEO Joseph Hogan.

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In late April, 2010, GE HealthCare announced it was investing €3 million in the Technology Research for Independent Living Centre.

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In July 2015, GE HealthCare partnered with the 2015 CrossFit Games to provide athletes with mobile imaging equipment.

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In June 2017, GE announced Kieran Murphy as the new CEO of GE HealthCare, with former CEO John Flannery's appointment as CEO of GE.

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In June 2018, GE announced plans to spin off GE HealthCare into its own company, representing the conglomerate's efforts to shrink and focus more on the aviation, power and renewable energy sectors.

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In 1994, GE HealthCare ignored advice of its safety experts to proactively restrict the use of its MRI contrast Omniscan and tried to conceal evidence of its risks by telling its researchers to "burn the data", as revealed during a trial opposing debilitated consumers due to its accumulation in multiple organs.

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In 2009, GE HealthCare sued for defamation a radiologist at the University of Copenhagen Hospital who linked the uses of Omniscan to gadolinium induced fibrosis after 20 of his patients suffered from it after its administration.

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In 2017, GE HealthCare opposed the EMA suspending the use of Omniscan, despite evidence of the high cytotoxicity of gadodiamide and its likelihood to dissociate after deposition.

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