7 Facts About Germaine Greer

1. On 6 March 1971, dressed in a monk's habit, Germaine Greer marched through central London with 2,500 women in a Women's Liberation March.

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2. In the book Germaine Greer argued that feminism had lost its way.

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3. In 1984 Germaine Greer bought The Mills, a Georgian farmhouse on three acres of land in Great Chesterford, Essex, where she planted a one-acre wood, which she said made her prouder than anything else she had done, and tried to keep "as a refuge for as many other earthlings" as she could.

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4. In the first issue Germaine Greer wrote that she wanted the journal to focus on the "rehabilitation of women's literary history".

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5. That year Germaine Greer was appointed director of the Center of the Study of Women's Literature at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in 1982 she founded the Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, an academic journal that highlights unknown or little-known women writers.

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6. When the relationship with Smilde ended, Germaine Greer enrolled at the University of Sydney to study Byron, and became "famous for her brilliantly foul tongue".

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7. In 1952 Germaine Greer won a scholarship to Star of the Sea College in Gardenvale, a convent school run by the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; a school report called her "a bit of a mad-cap and somewhat erratic in her studies and in her personal responses".

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