23 Facts About German Moreno


German Moreno's father died after an incident involving an American soldier.


German Moreno first worked for an aunt's taxi company and sold bibingka, peanuts, and cigarettes.


German Moreno became involved in the entertainment industry working as a janitor and telonero of Clover Theater in 1957.


German Moreno's first break was a role as Jesus Christ for the Manila Grand Opera House.


German Moreno later went on to pursue a career as a comedian of the bodabil stage and the post-war screen.


In 1963, German Moreno took his comedy act to Sampaguita Pictures, the home of biggest stars at that time such as Dolphy, Panchito, Gloria Romero, and Susan Roces.


German Moreno hosted a premiere night at the Life Theater but refused Nene Vera-Perez's attempt to pay him and instead asked for movie roles instead.


German Moreno then had roles in the movies Dance-O-Rama, Mga Batang Iskwater, Class Reunion, and Mga Batang Bakasyunista.


German Moreno became a disc jockey as Eddie Ilarde's sidekick in the radio program Ngayon Naman on CBN.


German Moreno eventually became the host, star builder, and producer of That's Entertainment, a youth-oriented variety show developing the biggest stars in the Philippines.


German Moreno gave out gift packs from sponsors to every guest of his programs.


German Moreno was the host of a late-night show Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman.


German Moreno founded the Eastwood City Walk of Fame in Quezon City, on December 1,2005.


German Moreno was the former president of Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon.


German Moreno endorsed prominent brands such as Vaseline Shampoo and Dazz Dishwashing Paste.


German Moreno has a special chair in front of the stage, where he was sitting along with the studio audience to view the program.


German Moreno celebrated his last birthday on October 4,2015.


German Moreno's nephew John Nite is a TV host on Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman.


German Moreno was a supporter of former President Ferdinand Marcos, even after he was deposed from the presidency by the People Power Revolution in 1986; during a September 1988 episode of his musical program GMA Supershow, he and his co-hosts sang a medley of songs dedicated to Marcos to commemorate his birthday.


German Moreno's condition improved soon after, according to his son Federico Moreno.


German Moreno died on January 8,2016, at 3:20 am from cardiac arrest, according to his nephew John Nite.


German Moreno was buried in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina after being brought to GMA Network Center.


At the GMA Network Studio Annex in Quezon City, The German Moreno Studio was inaugurated in honor of his legacy and in tribute to his 85th birthday on October 4,2018, with families, relatives, friends and the staff of GMA paying tribute.