43 Facts About Gerry Adams

1. Gerry Adams has faced extensive criticism over his handling of his brother Liam's paedophilia.

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2. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams indicated on 8 January 2017 that McGuinness could resign, thus vacating both his and Foster's offices, if Foster did not agree to temporarily step aside to allow an independent inquiry.

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3. Gerry Adams became a champion of the peace process, stating in 1994, "I want to take the gun out of Irish politics.

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4. Gerry Adams advanced even further in Sinn Fein, being elected president in 1983.

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5. Gerry Adams was imprisoned under the Special Powers Act and was held without trial from 1973 to 1977.

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6. Gerry Adams made several visits to the United States in the 1990s.

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7. In 1983 Gerry Adams was elected to the British Parliament as the member from West Belfast.

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8. Gerry Adams worked briefly as a bartender while studying the political situation in his country.

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9. Gerry Adams was a founder of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, which aimed to stop discrimination by the British government against Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland.

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10. In 2002 Gerry Adams continued to lead Sinn Fein, sometimes speaking on behalf of the IRA and other times declaring that he could not do so, especially when the IRA refused to agree to a firm schedule for giving up its arms.

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11. In 1987 Gerry Adams took part in secret talks with representatives of Britain aimed at a truce in Ulster.

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12. In 1983 Gerry Adams was elected to represent his district of Belfast in the British Parliament.

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13. In 1973 Gerry Adams was arrested again; this time he was held for four years.

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14. Gerry Adams was released from prison in mid-1972 so he could take part in negotiations with the British secretary of state for Northern Ireland, William Whitelaw.

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15. Gerry Adams once tried to get a job washing dishes in a pub in a Protestant neighborhood.

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16. Gerry Adams remembered having one sheet and one blanket on each mattress.

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17. Gerry Adams supported the Good Friday Agreement of April 1998 on steps leading to power-sharing self-government in the province, and he campaigned for acceptance of the accord within Sinn Fein and in referenda that were passed in Northern Ireland and the republic in May In elections in June 1998 he won a seat in the new Northern Ireland Assembly.

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18. In 1983 Gerry Adams was elected president of Sinn Fein and a member of the British Parliament, but in keeping with party policy he refused to take his seat to avoid taking the compulsory oath of loyalty to the British queen.

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19. Gerry Adams was created on Oct 6, 1948 in Belfast, North Ireland while Gerard Adams.

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20. Gerry Adams was born on October 6, 1948, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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21. At this point Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams put it to the Fine Gael leader that the council "serves the people of Derry well", but Mr Varadkar, nonetheless persisted with his attack on the party.

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22. Gerry Adams gets to the edge and has a one-on-one but can't shake the defender.

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23. Gerry Adams has the speed to bounce plays out wide and turn nothing into something.

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24. Gerry Adams is big and strong enough to be effective as an inside runner.

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25. Gerry Adams is proving to be effective as the workhorse runner.

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26. At a press conference after his release, Gerry Adams criticised the timing of his arrest, while reiterating Sinn Fein's support for the PSNI and saying: "The IRA is gone.

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27. At the ardfheis on 18 November, Gerry Adams was re-elected for another year as party president, but announced that he would step down at some point in 2018, and would not seek re-election as TD for Louth.

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28. In 2010, Gerry Adams announced that he would be seeking election as a TD for the constituency of Louth at the 2011 Irish general election.

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29. Gerry Adams was re-elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 8 March 2007, and on 26 March 2007, he met with DUP leader Ian Paisley face-to-face for the first time.

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30. At an Ard Chomhairle meeting, Gerry Adams recommended that they contest only four constituencies which were in border counties.

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31. In 1978, Gerry Adams became joint vice-president of Sinn Fein and a key figure in directing a challenge to the Sinn Fein leadership of President Ruairi O Bradaigh and joint vice-president Daithi O Conaill.

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32. Gerry Adams denied the allegation and said the remarks were made to deflect attention away from developments in the Stevens Inquiry into collusion.

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33. Gerry Adams said: "I'm very, very clear about my denial of IRA membership, but I don't disassociate myself from the IRA.

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34. Gerry Adams has stated repeatedly that he has never been a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

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35. On 14 March 1984 in central Belfast, Gerry Adams was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt when several Ulster Defence Association gunmen fired about 20 shots into the car in which he was travelling.

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36. Gerry Adams was re-arrested in July 1973 and interned at the Long Kesh internment camp.

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37. Gerry Adams was an active supporter and joined the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in 1967.

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38. In 1971, Gerry Adams married Collette McArdle, with whom he has one son, Gearoid, who has played Gaelic football for Antrim GAA senior men's team and was its assistant manager in 2012.

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39. Gerry Adams announced in November 2017 that he would step down as leader of Sinn Fein in 2018, and that he would not stand for re-election to his seat in the Dail in the next election.

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40. In 1984, Gerry Adams was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt by several gunmen from the Ulster Defence Association, including John Gregg.

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41. Gerry Adams has always been fond of having his cake and eating it.

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42. Gerry Adams turns chef to boost Sinn Fein coffers with The Negotiator's Cookbook.

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43. Gerry Adams reveals 'best-kept secrets of the Irish peace process' in new cookbook.

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