18 Facts About Gian Marco


Gian Marco has won the Latin Grammy Award for the Best Singer-Songwriter Album three times.


Gian Marco's mother is the Peruvian actress and singer Maria Regina Alcover Ureta, and his father was the late Peruvian composer and singer Javier Oscar Florencio Zignago Vinas, known in the musical world as Joe Danova.


Gian Marco was born in Lima, Peru on 17 August 1970.


Gian Marco's mother is actress and singer Maria Regina Alcover Ureta, while his father is composer and singer Javier Oscar Florencio Zignago Vinas, known as Joe Danova.


Gian Marco grew up listening to the songs of his father, and watching his mother perform in theater.


At age 12, Gian Marco sang for the first time on television in the Argentine TV show Domingos Gigantes, broadcast by Channel 9 in Buenos Aires under the direction of Orlando Marconi.


Gian Marco attended elementary school, middle school, and high school at the Colegio Santa Margarita located in Monterrico, a middle-class neighborhood in the district of Santiago de Surco, in Lima.


Gian Marco played the guitar and sang in all school activities.


In 1981, at age 11, Gian Marco recorded a song for the musical Papito Piernas Largas.


Gian Marco managed to capture the attention of the press, being the most publicized artist at the event.


Gian Marco began to dedicate himself to composing songs, and he was called to conduct one of the most popular game shows, Campaneando, with Bruno Pinasco.


Gian Marco's fourth album, Senora, Cuenteme, is a tribute to cancion criolla in which he affirms with his music the appreciation that he has for the feeling of native peoples like those in Peru.


Gian Marco got the attention of Emilio Estefan who hired him as a composer and performer.


Gian Marco worked with Estefan on a couple tracks for Mandy Moore's self-titled album.


In that same year, Gian Marco recorded the theme song for the Americas Cup that would be played in Peru in 2004.


On 2005 Gian Marco held a show at the Estadio Monumental de Peru to celebrate his career of 15 years, and had more than 40,000 spectators.


Gian Marco has been important brand image as Pepsi, Inca Kola, currently one of the leading companies in mobile telephony in Peru Claro.


Gian Marco is recognized as one of the best songwriters in Peruvian history as well as one of the artists that puts Peruvian music on the international map by several media including Billboard Magazine.