24 Facts About Gideon Gartner


Gideon I Gartner was an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist.


Gideon Isaiah Gartner was born on March 13,1935, in Tel Aviv, to Eastern European Jewish emigres.


Gideon Gartner's father Abraham was an engineer, while his mother Pnina was a musician and teacher.


Gideon Gartner began his career in operations research at System Development Corporation, a subcontractor to Philco Corporation.


Gideon Gartner worked in Paramus, New Jersey, for the US military's Strategic Air Command control system and then in Alexandria, Virginia, for the Defense Communications Agency.


Gideon Gartner rose steadily at IBM, eventually moving to its White Plains, New York, offices to become Manager of Market Information in the Data Processing Division, and a leading figure in the company's department of commercial analysis.


In 1969, Gideon Gartner left IBM to form Computer Decisions, a magazine publishing company that documented the latest happenings in the computer industry which marked as his first independent entrepreneurial venture.

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In 1970, despite having no background in security analysis, Gideon Gartner was hired by EF Hutton to cover IBM and the burgeoning computer industry.


Gideon Gartner thrived at Hutton, and in 1972 joined Oppenheimer and Co.


Gideon Gartner introduced a series of innovations to the practice of security analysis, some of which foreshadowed the research techniques and marketing theories that would distinguish his later firms.


Gideon Gartner was voted the top individual technology analyst on Wall Street every year from 1972 through 1977 in Institutional Investor Magazine's annual poll of major banks, funds and other institutional investing firms.


Gideon Gartner rose to VP and head of the Oppenheimer Technology Group, and eventually became a partner.


Gideon Gartner joined David L Stein, an industry veteran, to form Gartner Group in 1979.


Gideon Gartner is known to have emphasized that analysts write concise reports filled with provocative views rather than dissertations.


Gideon Gartner sold to vendors, plus users, plus investors and consulting firms.


Gideon Gartner developed a disciplined "research process", which was documented in a Research Notebook, used in regular training programs at the firm.


Gideon Gartner Group severed the Dillon Read relationship and became an independent broker-dealer in 1984, named Gideon Gartner Securities Corp.


Gideon Gartner raised more than $15 million in several tranches to develop the company; he was Chairman and CEO until late 1999.


Gideon Gartner lived in Aspen, Colorado, and Stamford, Connecticut, and was involved in business ventures, athletics, and classical music.


Gideon Gartner was a past member of the board of the Society for Information Management where he was Special Appointee to the President.


Gideon Gartner was a Director's Circle member of the Charles Babbage Institute and a member of the board of directors of the IT History Society.


In 1985, Gideon Gartner taught a course at UCLA's Graduate School of Management, which was formally rated by his students as their best course taken throughout GSM.


Gideon Gartner was an active angel investor in early-stage companies, and was a member of New York Angels.


Gideon Gartner died on December 12,2020, at his home in New York, of complications from Alzheimer's disease.