14 Facts About Gil Amelio


Gilbert Frank Amelio was born on March 1,1943 and is an American technology executive.


Gil Amelio grew up in Miami, Florida, of Italian born parents, and graduated from Miami High School.


Gil Amelio received a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and PhD in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


In 1970, Gil Amelio was on the team that demonstrated the first working charge-coupled device.


Gil Amelio moved to Fairchild Semiconductor in 1971, where he led the development of the first commercial CCD image sensors in the early 1970s, and in 1977 became head of the MOS division.


Gil Amelio worked his way up to president of the semiconductor division of Rockwell International, and then its communications systems division.


Gil Amelio joined National Semiconductor as president and chief executive in February 1991.


In 1994 Gil Amelio joined the board of directors of Apple.


Gil Amelio received approximately $100,000 for the use of his business jet by Apple the previous year according to the section "Certain Transactions" in the Apple Proxy Statement for 1996.


Gil Amelio cited several problems at Apple including a shortage of cash and liquidity, low-quality products, lack of a viable operating system strategy, undisciplined corporate culture, and fragmentation in trying to do too much and in too many directions.


In February 2001, Gil Amelio became CEO of Advanced Communications Technologies.


Gil Amelio became senior partner at Sienna Ventures in Sausalito, California in May 2001.


Gil Amelio was a director and chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Association.


In November 2020, Gil Amelio joined the board of directors for Nashville-based augmented reality startup VideoBomb.