50 Facts About Gilbert Arenas


Gilbert Arenas was drafted by the Golden State Warriors with the 31st overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft.


Gilbert Arenas was nicknamed "Agent Zero", due to his former jersey number and his late-game shot-making ability.


In late 2010, Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic.


Shortly after the tournament, Gilbert Arenas announced that he was foregoing his last two years at college and would enter the 2001 NBA draft.


Gilbert Arenas would wear the number 0 on his jersey to signify the number of minutes that experts predicted he would play coming from a small high school going to a college powerhouse in Arizona.


Gilbert Arenas started 30 games and averaged 10.9 points per game for the Warriors, who finished in last place in the Western Conference that season.


Gilbert Arenas reportedly flipped a coin to decide among several teams seeking to sign him, including the Wizards, Warriors, and Los Angeles Clippers.

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The Warriors were unable to match this offer because they were over the salary cap and because Gilbert Arenas was a second-round pick.


The "Gilbert Arenas Rule" was later created to allow teams to re-sign restricted free agents who were not first-round picks.


Gilbert Arenas guided the team to a 45-win season and its first playoff berth since 1997.


Gilbert Arenas led the team in scoring with 25.5 ppg, finishing seventh in the league in that category.


Gilbert Arenas participated in the Three-point Shootout, where he placed second, after Dirk Nowitzki.


Gilbert Arenas had expressed a desire to win a championship with the Wizards.


One of Gilbert Arenas' most memorable plays was a 40-foot jump shot in Round 1 of the 2006 NBA playoffs in which the Wizards were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games.


Gilbert Arenas himself has noted that he withdrew from the United States national team for the 2006 FIBA World Championship because he felt that assistant coaches Mike D'Antoni and Nate McMillan had determined the roster even prior to tryouts.


Gilbert Arenas holds the Wizards' franchise record for points scored in a game by an individual, a record he now shares with Bradley Beal.


Gilbert Arenas hit a game-winning layup as time expired to beat the Seattle SuperSonics on March 21,2007.


In February 2007, during the final days of All-Star voting, Gilbert Arenas was voted as a first-time starter for the 2007 NBA All-Star game for the Eastern Conference, edging out Vince Carter by a slight margin, with 1,454,166 votes to Carter's 1,451,156.


Towards the end of the season, Gilbert Arenas tore his MCL during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats, when Gerald Wallace fell into his leg.


Ten days prior, Gilbert Arenas stormed out of the locker room before a game against the Detroit Pistons.


Gilbert Arenas had wanted to play, but his doctor did not give him clearance.


Gilbert Arenas came off the bench for the rest of the regular season as not to disrupt the chemistry the Wizards had built without him.


On June 9,2008, Gilbert Arenas officially opted out of the final year of his contract, but said that he would re-sign with the Wizards if they retained teammate Antawn Jamison, a free agent.


Gilbert Arenas was offered a five-year contract worth more than $100 million by the Golden State Warriors and another max deal by the Wizards, a six-year deal worth $124 million.


On July 13,2008, Gilbert Arenas signed a six-year contract worth $111 million with the Wizards.

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Gilbert Arenas dished out 10 assists and scored 11 points, in a win, and fans were excited to see Gilbert Arenas, Brendan Haywood, Antawn Jamison, and Caron Butler re-uniting for the only time in the season.


Six days later Gilbert Arenas had a season-best 45 points in a Wizards win over his former team, the Golden State Warriors.


On December 24,2009, it was reported that Gilbert Arenas had admitted to storing unloaded firearms in his locker at Capital One Arena and had surrendered them to team security.


The DC Metropolitan Police and the US Attorney's office began investigating, and on January 14,2010, Gilbert Arenas was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, a violation of Washington, DC's gun-control laws.


The punishment for Gilbert Arenas was significantly stiffer than for Crittenton, who received a year of unsupervised probation, or Delonte West, who had been driving around in a three-wheeled motorcycle in Prince George's County with several loaded guns including a shotgun in a violin case.


On December 18,2010, Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic for Rashard Lewis.


Gilbert Arenas was the backup point guard, with Jameer Nelson at the starting role.


On December 9,2011, after the end of the 2011 NBA lockout, Gilbert Arenas was waived by the Orlando Magic under the amnesty clause, being the first player to be waived under the newly established clause at the time of its inclusion.


Memphis would lose Game 7 72 - 82 to the Los Angeles Clippers with Gilbert Arenas only playing for 3 minutes and recording no stats.


On November 19,2012, Gilbert Arenas signed with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association.


Gilbert Arenas played in 14 games and started in 8 of them.


Gilbert Arenas hosted a daily sports show on Complex News' YouTube channel.


Gilbert Arenas has his own "No Chill Productions" podcast called The No Chill Podcast.


Gilbert Arenas has four children with Laura Govan, whom he dated from 2002 until 2014.


Gilbert Arenas met Govan while he was playing for the Warriors.


One of Gilbert Arenas' cousins is Javier Gilbert Arenas, a professional football player who played for the NFL's Buffalo Bills.


Gilbert Arenas is a friend of rapper The Game and was listed in the booklet for The Game's second album Doctor's Advocate.


Gilbert Arenas collects a synthetic basketball from each team played, as well as players' jerseys, of which he has more than 400, most of which are autographed.


Gilbert Arenas supported PETA's anti-fur mission by posing shirtless for their "Ink, Not Mink" campaign.


Gilbert Arenas has mentored a DC boy who lost his family in a fire at age 10.

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Gilbert Arenas got him a job as a ball boy for the Wizards.


Gilbert Arenas has had his own shoe, the Adidas Gil Zero, as well as his own line of Adidas TS Lightswitch shoes.


For nearly every game of the season, Gilbert Arenas wore a different pair of shoes, wearing a total of 77 different pairs.


Gilbert Arenas admitted that he ran about 60 red lights in 4 months and got away with it by keeping his dealer plates on his vehicle.


On June 27,2013, Gilbert Arenas was arrested by the LAPD for the possession of illegal fireworks.