11 Facts About Gleim Building


Gleim Building, 265 W Front St, Missoula, Montana, was a brothel constructed in 1893 for Mary Gleim, a notorious madam who owned at least eight "female boarding houses".

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Gleim Building stopped running the brothel in 1903 but retained the freehold.

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Gleim Building was built of brick as a precaution against fire, following the fire that devastated the area in 1872.

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Mary Gleim Building came to Missoula in 1888 with her husband, and quickly saw the potential for prostitution with the large number of railroad workers in the town.

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Gleim Building set up brothels one after another in West Front Street and ruled them with a fist of iron, becoming the "Queen of Missoula's Bad Lands".

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Commonly known as "Mother Gleim Building", she was one of Missoula's characters and eventually owned a considerable number of properties in Missoula and elsewhere.

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Gleim Building was arrested for the attempted murder of rival Bobby Burns by having his house blown up with dynamite on 12 February 1894.

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Whilst incarcerated in Deer Lodge, Gleim Building was assaulted by another inmate, but never recovered fully from the stab wounds that were inflicted on her.

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Gleim Building's conviction was overturned after she had served little more than a year in prison.

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Gleim Building left explicit instructions for her burial in the city cemetery.

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Whilst other headstones faced east and west, Gleim Building's faced the railroad so she could say goodbye to the railroad men who were her customers.

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