10 Facts About Global Greens


Global Greens is an international network of political parties and movements which work to implement the Global Greens Charter.

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The day-to-day operations of the Global Greens are managed by the Secretariat, led by Global Greens Convenors Bob Hale and Gloria Polanco since 2020.

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Global Greens Charter is the guiding document that establishes the principles and "core values" to which member parties and associated organizations should attempt to adhere.

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Global Greens Charter has been reviewed and updated twice during Global Greens Congresses since its original publishing in 2001: once in Dakar, Senegal in 2012, and again in Liverpool, UK, in 2017.

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Global Greens are organized into four regional federations across the world:.

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Global Greens has a 12-member steering committee called the Global Greens Coordination.

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Global Greens have held four Congresses since 2001 in various locations around the world:.

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Global Greens strives to achieve regional diversity and representation, encouraging Congress locations to represent the wide geographical spread of the organization's member parties and organizations.

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Global Greens have five networks designed to enable global collaboration, communication and community among member parties and organizations:.

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Global Greens Coordination appointed Christine Milne AO as the first Global Greens Ambassador in 2015.

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