55 Facts About Gordon Brown

1. Gordon Brown finished the night as Boston's leading scorer, with 18 points in 25 minutes.

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2. Gordon Brown is the latest so-called big name to be hauled back into the limelight to talk about a second EU referendum.

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3. Gordon Brown has backed the SNP in its battle with the British government over post-Brexit powers.

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4. Gordon Brown has backed SNP claims of a Brexit "powergrab" on devolved responsibilities as he called for Scotland to have.

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5. Gordon Brown warns Corbyn to respect Labour policy and keep Brexit vote on the table.

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6. Gordon Brown says Brexit 'power grab' is a risk to the Union.

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7. Gordon Brown shows why Brexit process should have been left to the adults.

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8. Gordon Brown has said he believes Britain will have a second referendum on EU membership.

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9. Gordon Brown becomes third ex-PM to call for a second Brexit referendum.

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10. Gordon Brown thinks there will be a second referendum on Brexit.

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11. Gordon Brown pointed to a multitude of factors that produced that reducing the fuel load is important", said Rich Gordon, a former state assemblyman who leads the California Forestry Association.

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12. Gordon Brown said it was important to tackle the grievances that led to the vote to leave the EU.

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13. Gordon Brown would be the most hated man in Utah tonight if Gordon Hayward weren't on the court.

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14. Gordon Brown sat out Sunday's loss to the Patriots due to a hip injury, but.

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15. Gordon Brown had a solid sophomore season At first glance, it would be assumed that it's because Gordon Hayward has entered the starting lineup again.

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16. Gordon Brown sat out with an illness, per the team's injury report.

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17. In March 2009 Gordon Brown was named World Statesman of the Year by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an American organisation 'dedicated to promoting peace, human rights and understanding between religious faiths'.

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18. On 24 July 2008, Gordon Brown spoke at the "Walk of Witness" in support of poverty reduction worldwide during the Lambeth Conference.

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19. Son of a Church of Scotland minister, Gordon Brown has talked about what he calls his "moral compass" and of his parents being his "inspiration".

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20. Gordon Brown is a noted supporter of Kirkcaldy-based football club Raith Rovers and has written articles about his relationship with the club.

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21. Gordon Brown wrote a piece for The Independent supporting Clare's current environmental efforts on behalf of Sarawak.

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22. At the age of 49, Gordon Brown married Sarah Macaulay in a private ceremony at his home in North Queensferry, Fife, on 3 August 2000.

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23. In December 2015, Gordon Brown took his first large-scale role in the private sector since standing down as prime minister in 2010, becoming an advisor to PIMCO.

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24. Gordon Brown was appointed as the inaugural 'Distinguished Leader in Residence' by New York University and has already taken part in discussions and lectures relating to the global financial crisis and globalisation.

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25. On 22 April 2011 it was announced that Gordon Brown would be taking on an unpaid advisory role at the World Economic Forum.

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26. On 1 December 2014, Gordon Brown announced that he would not be seeking re-election to parliament.

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27. Towards the end of May 2010, Gordon Brown began writing Beyond the Crash, completing it after 14 weeks.

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28. Gordon Brown announced on 10 May 2010 that he would stand down as Labour Leader, with a view to a successor being chosen before the next Labour Party Conference in September 2010.

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29. Gordon Brown was re-elected as MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath with 29,559 votes.

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30. In April 2010, Gordon Brown asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament.

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31. Gordon Brown argued that the Treaty significantly differed from the Constitution, and as such did not require a referendum.

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32. In a speech in July 2007, Gordon Brown clarified his position regarding Britain's relationship with the USA "We will not allow people to separate us from the United States of America in dealing with the common challenges that we face around the world.

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33. Gordon Brown had been under intense pressure from human rights campaigners to send a message to China, concerning the 2008 Tibetan unrest.

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34. Gordon Brown went to great lengths to empathise with those who lost family members in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

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35. Gordon Brown said in a letter published on 17 March 2008 that the United Kingdom would hold an inquiry into the war.

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36. Gordon Brown was committed to the Iraq War, but said in a speech in June 2007 that he would "learn the lessons" from the mistakes made in Iraq.

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37. Gordon Brown stated in the manifesto that the NHS was his top priority.

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38. Gordon Brown said he wanted to have doctors' surgeries open at the weekends, and GPs on call in the evenings.

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39. Gordon Brown said he would give Parliament the final say on whether British troops are sent into action in future.

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40. In July 2008 Gordon Brown supported a new bill extending the pre-charge detention period to 42 days.

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41. Gordon Brown wanted Parliament to gain the right to ratify treaties and have more oversight into the intelligence services.

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42. Gordon Brown was the first Prime Minister from a Scottish constituency since the Conservative Sir Alec Douglas-Home in 1964.

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43. Gordon Brown was the clear favourite to succeed Blair; he was the only candidate spoken of seriously in Westminster.

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44. In October 1997, Gordon Brown announced that the Treasury would set five economic tests to determine whether the economic case had been made for the United Kingdom to adopt the European single currency.

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45. In his April 2002 budget, Gordon Brown increased National Insurance to pay for health spending.

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46. In the 1997 election and subsequently, Gordon Brown pledged not to increase the basic or higher rates of income tax.

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47. Gordon Brown would remain in this role for 10 years and two months, making him the longest-serving Chancellor in modern history.

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48. Gordon Brown was Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 1987 to 1989 and then Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, before becoming Shadow Chancellor in 1992.

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49. Gordon Brown became an opposition spokesman on Trade and Industry in 1985.

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50. Gordon Brown was elected to Parliament on his second attempt as a Labour MP for Dunfermline East in the 1983 general election.

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51. In 1972, while still a student, Gordon Brown was elected Rector of the University of Edinburgh, the convener of the University Court.

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52. In his youth at the University of Edinburgh, Gordon Brown was involved in a romantic relationship with Margarita, Crown Princess of Romania.

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53. Gordon Brown was educated first at Kirkcaldy West Primary School where he was selected for an experimental fast stream education programme, which took him two years early to Kirkcaldy High School for an academic hothouse education taught in separate classes.

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54. On 10 May 2010, Gordon Brown announced he would stand down as leader of the Labour Party, and instructed the party to put into motion the processes to elect a new leader.

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55. Gordon Brown remained in office as Labour negotiated to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats.

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