75 Facts About Grace Kelly


Grace Patricia Kelly was the Princess of Monaco and an American actress.


Grace Kelly held the role until her death on September 14,1982.


Grace Kelly gained stardom from her performance in John Ford's adventure-romance Mogambo, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Grace Kelly won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the drama The Country Girl.


Grace Kelly retired from acting at age 26 to marry Rainier and began her duties as Princess of Monaco.


Grace Kelly died at the age of 52 at Monaco Hospital on September 14,1982, from injuries sustained in a car crash the previous day.


Grace Kelly is listed 13th among the American Film Institute's 25 Greatest Female Stars of Classical Hollywood cinema.


Grace Kelly was born on November 12,1929, at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to an affluent and influential family.


Grace Kelly owned a successful brickwork contracting company that was well known on the East Coast.


Grace Kelly was baptized and received her elementary education in the parish of Saint Bridget's in East Falls.


Grace Kelly's father was particularly displeased with her decision, as he viewed acting as "a slim cut above streetwalker" at the time.


In 1947, Grace Kelly signed with the Walter Thornton Model Agency gracing the covers of magazines.


In 1954, Grace Kelly dated and was engaged to Oleg Cassini after his divorce from Gene Tierney.


Grace Kelly worked diligently, and practiced her speech by using a tape recorder.


Grace Kelly's early acting pursuits led her to the stage, and she made her Broadway debut in Strindberg's The Father, alongside Raymond Massey.


Grace Kelly's uncle continued to advise and mentor Kelly throughout her acting career.


Grace Kelly was hired as a model by the John Robert Powers agency, where some of her first modeling jobs were doing commercials for bug spray and cigarettes.


Grace Kelly was reportedly "fond of dancing to Hawaiian music down the hallways of the Barbizon, and given to shocking her fellow residents by performing topless".


Grace Kelly was mentioned in Theatre World magazine as "[a] most promising personality of the Broadway stage of 1950".


Grace Kelly had a minor role opposite Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, and Barbara Bel Geddes, as a young woman contemplating divorce.


Grace Kelly was noticed during a visit to the set of Fourteen Hours by Gary Cooper.


Grace Kelly continued her work in the theater and on television, although she lacked "vocal horsepower", and it was thought she would likely not have had a lengthy stage career.


Grace Kelly was performing at Colorado's Elitch Theatre when producer Stanley Kramer offered her a role co-starring opposite Cooper in Fred Zinnemann's High Noon, a Western filmed in Columbia, California.


Grace Kelly accepted the role, and the film was shot in the late summer and early fall of 1951 over a 28-day shooting schedule in hot weather conditions.


Grace Kelly was cast as a "young Quaker bride to Gary Cooper's stoic Marshall", and wore a "suitably demure vaguely Victorian dress".


Grace Kelly said that it was only in her later films that she "really blossomed" and showed her quality.


Grace Kelly performed in a few dramas in the theater, and in TV serials.


Grace Kelly appeared in several television plays, and screen-tested for the film Taxi in the spring of 1952.


Grace Kelly was given the role, along with a seven-year contract at the relatively low salary of $850 a week.


Grace Kelly won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, and received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.


Grace Kelly played the role of the wealthy wife of a retired professional tennis player.


Grace Kelly was loaned by MGM to work in several Hitchcock films, which would become some of her most critically acclaimed and recognized work.


Grace Kelly began filming scenes for her next film, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, in early 1954, with William Holden, for Paramount Pictures.


Grace Kelly unhesitatingly turned down the opportunity to star alongside Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront.


Grace Kelly played the role of Bing Crosby's long-suffering wife, Georgie Elgin, in The Country Girl, after a pregnant Jennifer Jones bowed out.


Already familiar with the play, Grace Kelly was highly interested in the part.


Grace Kelly was adamant, and threatened the studio, saying that if they did not allow her to do the film she would pack her bags and leave for New York for good.


Grace Kelly negotiated a more lucrative contract in light of her recent success.


Grace Kelly's character becomes torn emotionally between her two lovers, played by Crosby and William Holden.


Grace Kelly was again dressed by Edith Head to suit her role in the film, initially appearing in fashionable dresses, shifting to ordinary-looking cardigans toward the end of the film.


In 1956, Grace Kelly resided in a home rented from Bill Lear in the Pacific Palisades, California for the duration of her filming.


Grace Kelly portrayed Princess Alexandra in the film The Swan, directed by Charles Vidor, opposite Alec Guinness and Louis Jourdan.


Grace Kelly portrayed Tracy Lord, opposite Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Celeste Holm in the other leads.


Grace Kelly headed the US delegation at the Cannes Film Festival in April 1955.


Princess Grace Kelly gave birth to the couple's first child, Princess Caroline, on January 23,1957.


Grace Kelly hosted an annual Christmas celebration with presents for orphaned children in Monaco.


Grace Kelly retained her link to America by her dual US and Monegasque citizenship.


Grace Kelly founded AMADE Mondiale, a Monaco-based, non-profit organization which is recognized by the UN, after she witnessed the plight of Vietnamese children in 1963.


Princess Grace Kelly was active in improving the arts institutions of Monaco, forming the Princess Grace Kelly Foundation in 1964 to support local artisans.


Grace Kelly was a speaker at their 1971 conference in Chicago, addressing 1,400 mothers, 1,600 fathers and babies.


Grace Kelly was a known advocate of breastfeeding, and successfully fed her three children.


In 1975, Grace Kelly helped found the Princess Grace Kelly Academy, the resident school of the Monte Carlo Ballet.


Grace Kelly later advocated to preserve the Belle Epoque-era architecture of the principality.


Grace Kelly hosted a yearly American Week in Monaco, where guests would play baseball and eat ice cream.


Grace Kelly was eager, but public outcry in Monaco against her involvement in a film where she would play a kleptomaniac made her reconsider and ultimately reject the project.


Grace Kelly narrated ABC's made-for-television film The Poppy Is Also a Flower.


Princess Grace Kelly received more than $1 million in royalties, which she donated to her favorite charities.


On September 13,1982, Grace Kelly suffered a mild cerebral hemorrhage while driving back to Monaco from her country home in Roc Agel.


Princess Grace Kelly's funeral was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate in Monaco-Ville, on September 18,1982.


Grace Kelly left a lasting legacy as a theater artist, television actress, and iconic Hollywood film star.


Grace Kelly has been cited as one of the "classic Hitchcock blondes", and as one of the most elegant women in cinematic and world history.


Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of the January 31,1955, issue of the weekly magazine Time.


In 1982, the Princess Grace Kelly Foundation-USA was established by her husband to continue the work she had done anonymously during her lifetime, assisting emerging theater, dance and film artists in America.


The original Monaco branch of her foundation, named Fondation Princesse Grace Kelly, remains active and continues to provide direct aid to students and children within the Monaco and France regions.


In 1955, Grace Kelly was photographed by Howell Conant in Jamaica.


Grace Kelly photographed her without makeup in a naturalistic setting, a departure from the traditional portrayal of actresses.


Princess Grace Kelly has been depicted by many pop artists, including Andy Warhol and James Gill.


Grace Kelly lived in the house until 1950, and Prince Rainier III proposed to her there in 1955.


Grace Kelly was inaugurated into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1960 and in 1955, the Custom Tailored Guild of America listed her as the "Best-Tailored Woman".


Grace Kelly is remembered for her "college-girl" everyday fashion, defined by her pulled-together yet simple look.


American actress Elle Fanning attended 78th Golden Globe Awards with mint-green Gucci gown designed by Alessandro Michele that was inspired by Grace Kelly's gown worn at the 27th Academy Awards.


On July 15,2021, the Princess Grace Kelly Foundation-USA launched Grace Kelly de Monaco, a luxury brand.


Grace Kelly is commemorated in a statue by Kees Verkade in the garden, which features 4,000 roses.


In 1993, Grace Kelly appeared on a US postage stamp, released in conjunction with a Monaco postage stamp featuring her image on the same day.


Grace Kelly bore all historical titles of her husband, in the feminine.