28 Facts About Graham Norton

1. Graham Norton is an Irish television and radio presenter, comedian, actor, and writer based in the United Kingdom.

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2. Graham Norton had to apologise to Little Mix fans on Children In Need after saying there were only three members.

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3. Graham Norton knows this better than anyone after a mix-up on Children in Need where he said Little Mix only have three members.

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4. Graham Norton makes epic Little Mix slip up and fans aren't having it.

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5. Graham Norton has said he never ceases to be amazed at the generosity of the public when it comes to BBC Children In Need.

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6. Graham Norton has two dogs, a labradoodle called Bailey and a terrier called Madge, which he adopted from the UK charity Dogs Trust.

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7. In 1989, Graham Norton was mugged, beaten, and stabbed by a group of attackers on a street in London.

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8. Graham Norton has his own wine range in collaboration with Invivo, the first wine was first released in 2014.

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9. Graham Norton has a shareholding of two percent in New Zealand winery Invivo Wines.

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10. In 2014, Graham Norton attacked the decision by Irish broadcaster RTE to settle out of court with opponents of gay marriage who claimed they had been defamed in an edition of the Saturday Night Show.

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11. Graham Norton currently writes an advice column in The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

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12. In 2009, Graham Norton was the host of the comedy game-show Most Popular on US cable television channel WE tv.

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13. In January 2009, Graham Norton made his West End stage debut in a revival of La Cage Aux Folles at the Playhouse Theatre.

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14. Graham Norton was involved in a high-publicity advertising campaign for the UK National Lottery as an animated unicorn, the stooge to a character based on Lady Luck.

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15. Graham Norton played Mr Puckov in the 2006 American comedy spoof film Another Gay Movie.

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16. On 5 December 2008, it was announced that Graham Norton would take over from Wogan as the presenter of the main Eurovision Song Contest.

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17. In January 2012, Graham Norton asked listeners to his Radio 2 show to help find his car, shortly after it was stolen.

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18. On 7 July 2007, Graham Norton presented at Live Earth and undertook a trip to Ethiopia with the Born Free Foundation to highlight the plight of the Ethiopian wolf—the rarest canid in the world.

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19. Since 2007, Graham Norton has been a regular host of The British Academy Television Awards.

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20. In the summer of 2004, Graham Norton ventured into American television.

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21. In 1996, Graham Norton played the part of Father Noel Furlong in three episodes of the Channel 4 series Father Ted, which was set on the fictional "Craggy Island" off the west coast of Ireland.

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22. Graham Norton moved to London and attended the Central School of Speech and Drama.

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23. Graham Norton was born in Clondalkin, a suburb of Dublin, and grew up in Bandon, County Cork.

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24. In a 2004 poll for the BBC, Graham Norton was named the eighth most influential person in British culture.

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25. Graham Norton is known for his innuendo-laden dialogue and flamboyant presentation style.

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26. Graham Norton reveals the worst guest he's interviewed on his show.

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27. Graham Norton earns over €2k per minute from his chat show.

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28. Graham Norton seems like the kind of person who really enjoys his job.

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