101 Facts About Han Solo

1. Han Solo uses it effectively to slice open a Tauntaun for Luke, keeping him out of the cold and saving his life.

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2. Han Solo vehemently denies Sana's claim, but both women are furious with him regardless.

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3. Han Solo was born on the planet Corellia, which is the same planet that his prized ship, the Millennium Falcon, was built on.

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4. Han Solo was even voiced by an actress, Katie Leigh, in the animated short LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace, which featured Han as a child.

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5. Han Solo was given armor and forced to track down Leia and Starros.

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6. Han Solo told Skywalker to run and save Organa while Solo and Chewbacca took care of Krrsantan to insure they had a ship to escape Vrogas Vas in.

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7. Han Solo returned back to Corellia for parts for the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewbacca.

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8. Han Solo rushed to Skywalker as he exited his fighter and congratulated him, while the princess embraced Solo for his bravery and proving there was more to him than money.

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9. Han Solo yelled for Skywalker and Organa to go to the Falcon while he and his first mate charged the troopers.

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10. Han Solo attempted to drink an Ithorian ale to no avail.

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11. Han Solo revealed he had day passes and told them there was a Pantolomin cruiser nearby they could visit and gave civilian clothes.

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12. Han Solo told the cadet his name, but the cadet refused to give his.

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13. Han Solo eventually crashed the TIE, leading to stormtroopers surrounding Han at the crash site.

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14. Han Solo realized that when he said shut up, he used Han's cadet name, and you were only known as numbers at the Imperial Academy.

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15. Han Solo was first introduced in the iconic cantina scene from A New Hope, which would have been a cool callback, but JJ Abrams might've figured that it would have been a little over the top.

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16. Han Solo was almost reintroduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a much different way, with the space pirate drunk at the cantina.

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17. Han Solo was deemed the 4th greatest movie character of all time by Empire magazine.

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18. Han Solo appeared in the animated Star Wars Forces of Destiny episode "Tracker Trouble", where he was voiced by Kiff VandenHeuvel.

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19. Han Solo tries to blackmail them into taking him with them, but Beckett has him arrested for desertion and thrown into a pit to be fed to a beast—a Wookiee named Chewbacca.

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20. Han Solo owes crime lord Jabba the Hutt a great deal of money and has a high price on his head.

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21. Han Solo becomes inspiration for many actors who play as adventurer, such as Both Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in Star Trek and Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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22. Han Solo takes audiences on a ride back to a time before Han owned and piloted the Millennium Falcon, even before he and Chewbacca the Wookie became a team.

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23. Han Solo still has the need for speed and adventure even after his tenure as an officer in the Rebel Alliance.

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24. Han Solo met Qi'ra when they were Scrumrats of the White Worms.

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25. Han Solo regained his purpose when the scavenger Rey and the former stormtrooper Finn sought his help in smuggling the droid BB-8, who was carrying a Map to Skywalker, to the Resistance.

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26. Han Solo took Rey and Finn to the planet Takodana to meet his old friend Kanata at her castle.

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27. Han Solo explained that Luke tried to rebuild the Jedi Order, but an apprentice of his turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren, destroying all that Luke had built, including the other Padawans that Luke had trained.

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28. Han Solo spent the majority of his free time trying to track down the Falcon.

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29. Han Solo informed his wife that he was supervising the lunar relays of the Five Sabers.

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30. Han Solo sensed that Leia had a connection through the Force that he could never have with Ben.

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31. Han Solo rushed her to the birthing chamber in the heart of Hanna City.

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32. Han Solo responded that it was the end of an era while Leia replied that it was the start of a new one.

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33. Han Solo managed to escape, but Chewbacca was captured and locked in an Imperial prison called Ashmead's Lock.

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34. Han Solo outlined a plan for the Pathfinders and their Ewok allies to strike the outpost with limited air cover.

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35. Han Solo participated with the other Rebels and Ewoks in the victory celebration held that night.

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36. Han Solo was then placed in a prison cell with his partner Chewbacca, while Leia was taken as a personal slave by Jabba.

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37. Han Solo took Leia and Skywalker to Nar Shadaa to meet with Starros, who agreed to help them.

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38. Han Solo was unable to contact Ackbar or Chewie due to keeping the Rebel fleet hidden through out the outer rim.

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39. Han Solo was forced to land the Falcon on Ackbar's cruiser after taking heavy damage from Vader.

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40. Han Solo admitted he would have liked to see it as well, and the Falcon left for the Space Docks.

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41. Han Solo had C-3PO take the bounty hunters' weapons, and as the trio ran back to the Falcon, Solo yelled back and promised that Jabba would get his money.

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42. Han Solo told Leia to get into one of the Falcon's turrets and destroy the bombers.

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43. Han Solo watched as Skywalker allowed the fish to swallow him.

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44. Han Solo was then given a tip, much to Chewie's chagrin.

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45. Han Solo called to Chewie to bring up the boat so they could escape.

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46. Han Solo spotted a patrol transport approaching their position and came under attack.

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47. Han Solo ordered the Partisans to barricade the bridge to prevent the Empire from stopping their plans.

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48. Han Solo was reluctant to take the lead, but was convinced by Chewie to take charge since he was the Falcon's captain.

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49. Han Solo agreed to fly the mission and keep an eye on the partisans.

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50. Han Solo met up with Chewie at the base after Skywalker rescued him with information from Shu-Torun.

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51. Han Solo was then informed Chewbacca was coming to help them finish off the Leviathan.

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52. Han Solo helped put the bodies into a pile and give them a funeral pyre.

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53. Han Solo tried to run, but was stopped by Frax and bounty hunters.

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54. Han Solo took Leia to Odona to see if it was a viable location for a new rebel base.

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55. Han Solo told Grakkus that it was all a set up to get his safehouse's location.

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56. Han Solo turned Grakkus' offer and decided to resume his voyage to Akiva.

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57. Han Solo landed the Falcon on a asteroid where the three TIE pilots boarded the ship and met Grakkus.

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58. Han Solo attempted to evade the TIE patrol to no avail.

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59. Han Solo was given armor and forced to track down Leia and Staros.

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60. Han Solo told Skywalker that for only managing half the credits they needed, and for the unruly cargo of nerfs, that Skywalker was "dead" to him.

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61. Han Solo was very pleased to have Organa back with them, and they carried Aphra's unconscious body aboard the Falcon and they together escaped Vader and Vrogas Vas.

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62. Han Solo told the Skywalker to run and save Organa while Solo and Chewbacca took care of Krrsantan to insure they had a ship to escape Vrogas Vas in.

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63. Han Solo was at first glad he hadn't come on Jabba's behalf, but then he realized that him taking Skywalker was no better.

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64. Han Solo recognized Aphra as the notorious gun thief, and listened to her threats, waiting for Chewbacca to get in position.

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65. Han Solo called out to Aphra and her droids, making it clear that he wanted to just save his friend.

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66. Han Solo hiked atop a ridge with a sniper rifle, while Chewbacca headed around the ridge to intercept the mercenaries.

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67. Han Solo scoffed at using the weapon of Force-sensitives, but with his DL-44 unusable, he charged into the melee with his first mate and the princess, cutting down stormtroopers and TIE pilots.

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68. Han Solo slumped to the floor, wishing Chewbacca was with him.

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69. Han Solo tried to persuade Starros to let him pilot her ship, but both she and Organa commanded him to "shut up" as they fled into space.

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70. Han Solo was appalled at Starros' ruthlessness and was forced to let Starros frisk him; she took his DL-44 blaster pistol.

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71. Han Solo called to the princess, pleading to her that Starros was not his wife.

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72. Han Solo recognized the Cobra, lost his nerve, and told Organa to run.

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73. Han Solo countered that nothing in the entire galaxy could make him lose his nerve.

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74. Han Solo found it inexplicable that Imperials were as far out in the Outer Rim as they were, and prepared to put the shuttle through evasive maneuvers.

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75. Han Solo agreed, though he was adamant that he would leave the Rebellion upon their return.

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76. Han Solo was injured in the crash and left battered and bloody.

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77. Han Solo located Skywalker and Vader locked in lightsaber combat, so he brought the leg of the AT-AT into the confrontation, which forced the two combatants apart.

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78. Han Solo told him to solve the problem and took off with Organa, Skywalker, Artoo, and the slaves in search of a way out of the factory.

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79. Han Solo called Threepio, inquiring where he and the Falcon were, regretting that the planned chain of events had gone awry.

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80. Han Solo ordered the Wookiee to retreat from the Dark Lord, but Organa countered Solo, telling Chewbacca to open fire in order to rid the galaxy of Vader.

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81. Han Solo figured "the more the merrier" and called Threepio to tell him to start the Falcon's autopilot and pick them up.

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82. Han Solo reflected on the lesson he had learned from Loo Re Anno and decided to stay with the Rebels a while longer.

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83. Han Solo thanked Solo for allowing her to return to her people.

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84. Han Solo wondered why they weren't trying to destroy the ship, and Dorae explained they were trying to capture them.

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85. Han Solo decided to delay taking off to wait for the others.

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86. Han Solo rushed to Skywalker as he exited his fighter and congratulated him, while the princess embraced Solo in his bravery and proving there was more to him than money.

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87. Han Solo fired on the three Imperial fighters, destroying one, and causing another to panic and collide with Vader, who was sent spinning away from the battle station.

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88. Han Solo admitted she had spirit, and inquired to whether Skywalker could see Organa and Solo together.

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89. Han Solo caught up with Skywalker and Organa who had run into some trouble, and they prepared to board the Falcon, but several stormtroopers stood guard outside.

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90. Han Solo looked at Skywalker and muttered that no reward was worth putting up with the princess's attitude.

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91. Han Solo was appalled at Organa's demeanor, and informed "her worshipfulness" that he only took orders from himself.

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92. Han Solo helped him up, before the walls of the compactor began to close in.

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93. Han Solo grabbed Skywalker and tried to shoot the creature, but Skywalker was pulled under again.

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94. Han Solo had almost given up looking when the dianoga released him and vanished.

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95. Han Solo sarcastically told Organa great work in getting them nowhere and tried to shoot the open the exit.

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96. Han Solo was unhappy at being ordered around, but did so.

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97. Han Solo remarked to Skywalker that he wasn't sure if he was very frustrated with Organa, or if he was beginning to like her, and shoved Chewbacca into the chute.

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98. Han Solo kept up the charade while firing on the guards and security cameras.

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99. Han Solo was mildly impressed, but acquitted Skywalker's ability to luck.

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100. Han Solo fired back while retreating on board and shouted for Chewbacca to take off.

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101. Han Solo was perplexed that Kenobi had raised his bid and quickly accepted the deal.

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