12 Facts About Hanan Goldblatt


Hanan Goldblatt is an Israeli actor, comedian and singer who appeared in plays, films, television programs, and who was most widely known for his part in the educational TV show "Bli Sodot".


Hanan Goldblatt did his mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces in the Nahal troupe, the military band of the Nahal Brigade.


In 1962 Hanan Goldblatt participated in the play "Root of All Evil" at the Hamam Club in Jaffa, in which he played alongside Yoram Gaon, Bomba Tzur, Yosef Carmon and Margalit Ankori.


In 1966, Hanan Goldblatt played in the Israeli musical film "The Flying Matchmaker" alongside Mike Burstyn, Mordechai Arnon and Oshik Levy.


Hanan Goldblatt's arrest came after three young women complained to police.


Police determined there was sufficient evidence for an indictment, and Hanan Goldblatt was indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court on August 21,2005.


Hanan Goldblatt denied the accusations and pleaded not guilty, claiming he never forced himself on any of the complainants.


Hanan Goldblatt was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, 2 years probation, and was ordered to pay 25,000 NIS in compensation to two of the victims.


Hanan Goldblatt appealed to the Supreme Court on his conviction and of the punishment imposed on him.


On November 19,2012, Hanan Goldblatt was granted early release by the Board of Pardons for good behavior in prison and participation in rehabilitation programs.


On November 25,2012, Hanan Goldblatt was released from prison after having served four years.


Hanan Goldblatt confessed that he had been guilty, and apologized for his actions.