24 Facts About Haridasa Thakur


Haridasa Thakur is considered to be the most famous convert of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, apart from Rupa Goswami and Sanatana Goswami.


Haridasa Thakur was a prominent Vaishnava convert from Islam and is venerated as a Hindu saint.


Haridasa Thakur defends himself on the basis that there is only one God with many names.


Haridasa Thakur however recovered instantly, convincing many he was a pir, a special mystical person.


Haridasa Thakur had introduced the public worship in the form of public kirtana and this enraged the local Muslim ruler.


Ishana in chapter 7 of his Advaita-prakasa introduces Haridasa Thakur, being originally a Muslim, Haridasa Thakur is such an anomalous figure that his presence in the community seems to require explanation.


Haridasa Thakur was 35 years older than Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his prayers along with prayers of Advaita Acharya were the reason for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu descent.


Ishana Nagara in his book Advaita Prakasha, explains in great length that Haridasa Thakur was a follower of Advaita Acharya and his close friend, he was raised in a Muslim family and then converted to Vaishnavism as a young man.


Haridasa Thakur believed to have stayed and chanted in a cave with a notorious snake seemed unaffected by all of this.


Haridasa Thakur did not even seem to be aware of the snake's presence.


Haridasa Thakur instructs Haridasa to recite Krishna's names and assures him that Krishna will always show mercy to Haridasa.


Haricarana Dasa, according to historical records, confirms that while Advaita was from the higher ranks of Bengali brahmana community, he completely ignored the facts about Haridasa Thakur's background, impressed with the young man's heartfelt devotion.


Advaita points out to all local brahmana priests that if priests are true to their religious teachings, there must be fire, and tells them to approach Haridasa Thakur with dried grass in their hands.


Haridasa Thakur was chanting mantra consisting of the names Hare, Krishna and Rama.


Haridasa Thakur was asked to join forces with Nityananda who was older than Chaitanya by some eight years, and he believed to infuse into the movement a great passion.


Haridasa Thakur was thus born as Haridasa, a great devotee.


Haridasa Thakur stole both Krishna's cows and calves, as well as his friends and hid them for a year in the caves of Sumeru Mountain.


Haridasa Thakur fell down at Krishna's feet and begged him for forgiveness; Krishna responded by mercifully revealing his divine opulence.


Haridasa Thakur who appears in the Dvapara Yuga as Nandanandana Sri Krishna, descends again in the Kali Yuga as Gauranga, taking on the mood and bodily luster of Radharani in order to display the most magnanimous pastimes.


Haridasa Thakur asked Haridasa to remain there and chant the Hare Krishna mantra, and said that Haridasa Thakur would personally come there to meet him every day.


Haridasa Thakur says the spiritual master gives different orders to different disciples:.


Haridasa Thakur dies after most of other Gaudiya Vaishnavas depart home from Puri, he collapses one day while singing Krishnas name.


Haridasa Thakur is then placing a foot of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on his chest and dies crying out "Sri Krishna Chaitanya".


For more details of his life story see Chaitanya Bhagavata In this text Haridasa Thakur's tribulations are given in detail.