18 Facts About Harold Bride


Harold Sydney Bride was a British merchant seaman and the junior wireless officer on the ocean liner RMS Titanic during its ill-fated maiden voyage.

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Harold Bride was born in Nunhead, London, England, in 1890 to Arthur Bride and Mary Ann Lowe.

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Harold Bride completed training for the Marconi Company in July 1911.

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In 1912 Harold Bride joined the crew of the RMS Titanic as the junior wireless operator and assistant to Jack Phillips at Belfast, Ireland.

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Stories have appeared that Harold Bride knew Phillips before the Titanic, but Harold Bride insisted that they had never met before Belfast.

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Harold Bride woke up shortly after and asked Phillips what was happening.

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Phillips said they struck something; Harold Bride acknowledged Phillips and began to get ready to go on duty.

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Jack Phillips sent out CQD while Harold Bride took messages to the Captain about which ships were coming to the Titanic assistance.

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Harold Bride began to get dressed while Phillips went back to work on the wireless machine.

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Harold Bride later remembered being moved by the way Phillips continued working.

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Harold Bride thought the man was "a stoker, or someone from below decks".

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Harold Bride began helping remove one of the last two lifeboats, Collapsible B, off the roof of the officers' quarters.

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Harold Bride was washed off the deck and found himself beneath the overturned boat.

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Harold Bride, who had to be carried off the Carpathia because of injuries to his feet, was met in New York City by Guglielmo Marconi and The New York Times, which gave Harold Bride $1,000 for his exclusive story, "Thrilling Story by Titanic's Surviving Wireless Man".

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Harold Bride later gave testimony in the American and British inquiries into the Titanic disaster, describing what iceberg warnings had been received and what had happened the night of the disaster.

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Harold Bride stated that priority was given to personal messages and survivor lists over answering questions from the press and claimed that the Navy did not understand British Morse signals, which the Navy denied.

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Harold Bride died aged 66 of lung cancer on 29 April 1956 in Glasgow.

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Harold Bride's body was cremated at Glasgow, and his ashes were scattered in the garden of the crematorium's chapel.

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