23 Facts About Harriet Hall


Harriet A Hall was an American family physician, US Air Force flight surgeon, author, science communicator and skeptic.


Harriet Hall wrote about alternative medicine and quackery for the magazines Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer and was a regular contributor and founding editor of Science-Based Medicine.


Harriet Hall wrote under her own name or used the pseudonym "The SkepDoc".


Harriet Hall Anne Hoag was born on July 2,1945, in St Louis, Missouri.


Harriet Hall went on to the University of Washington School of Medicine to earn a Doctor of Medicine in 1970.


Harriet Hall was then stationed in Spain for seven years as a general medical officer.


Harriet Hall began her assignment at Francis E Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming where she met and married Kirk Albert Hall, Jr.


Harriet Hall was the second woman to do her medical internship in the Air Force and was the first female graduate of the Air Force family to practice residency at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.


Harriet Hall said she had been a "passive skeptic" for quite some time, only reading the literature and attending the various meetings.


Sampson encouraged Harriet Hall to write an article for the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine testing so-called "Vitamin O" products she had seen advertised in the mail.


Harriet Hall spoke with Michael Shermer at The Amazing Meeting in 2005 about the book The God Code and he asked her write a review of it for Skeptic magazine.


In 2008, Harriet Hall was among the five founding editors to launch Science-Based Medicine.


Harriet Hall spoke at the Science-Based Medicine Conference and The Amazing Meeting 7, among other venues in 2009.


Harriet Hall was interviewed on podcasts such as The Reality Check, Skepticality and The Skeptic Zone.


Harriet Hall was on the board and had been a founding member of the Institute for Science in Medicine, formed in 2009.


Harriet Hall spoke at the 6th World Skeptic Congress in Berlin, "Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Fairy Tale Science and Placebo Medicine".


From 2018, Harriet Hall published a regular column in Skeptical Inquirer called "Reality Is the Best Medicine".


Harriet Hall was an outspoken critic of alternative medicine, often questioning its effectiveness.


Harriet Hall was an advisor to Quackwatch as well as an Associate Editor and frequent author of the Science-Based Medicine blog.


Harriet Hall had previously coined the term "tooth fairy science" to refer to studying a phenomenon before establishing its existence.


Novella and Gorski emphasized that Harriet Hall was still an editor in good standing at Science-Based Medicine, and praised her history of promoting good science.


Several skeptics supported Harriet Hall including the evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne and SBM editor emeritus Kimball Atwood who advised SBM to retain Harriet Hall's review and criticized Novella and Gorski's decision to censor it.


Harriet Hall died in her sleep on January 11,2023, at the age of 77.