10 Facts About Hartmut Esslinger


Hartmut Esslinger was born on 5 June 1944 and is a German-American industrial designer and inventor.


Hartmut Esslinger is best known for founding the design consultancy frog, and his work for Apple Computers in the early 1980s.


At age 25, Hartmut Esslinger finished his studies at the Hochschule fur Gestaltung Schwabisch Gmund in Schwabisch Gmund.


In 1974, Hartmut Esslinger was hired by Sony - Sony acquired Wega shortly after - and he was instrumental in creating a global design image for Sony, especially with the Sony Trinitron and personal music products.


In December 1990 Hartmut Esslinger was featured on the cover of BusinessWeek, the only living designer thus honored since Raymond Loewy in 1934.


The cover included the headline "Rebel with a cause," referencing his controversial personality and desire to be seen as a "non-conformist" within the field of design, as well as the movie Rebel Without a Cause, which Hartmut Esslinger has described as his first American movie and a cultural inspiration.


Hartmut Esslinger is a founding Professor of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Germany, and since 2006 he is a Professor for convergent industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.

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In 1996, Hartmut Esslinger was awarded an honorary doctorate of Fine Arts by the Parsons School of Design, New York City.


Since 2012 Hartmut Esslinger has served as a DeTao Master of Industrial Design with The Beijing DeTao Masters Academy in Shanghai, China.


In 2009 Hartmut Esslinger published A Fine Line in which he explores business solutions that are environmentally sustainable and contribute to an enduring global economy.