13 Facts About Haruomi Hosono


Haruomi Hosono, sometimes credited as Harry Hosono, is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter and record producer.


Haruomi Hosono is considered to be one of the most influential musicians in Japanese pop music history, credited with shaping the sound of Japanese pop for decades as well as pop music outside of Japan.


Haruomi Hosono inspired genres such as city pop and Shibuya-kei, and as leader of Yellow Magic Orchestra, contributed to the development and pioneering of numerous electronic genres.


The grandson of Titanic survivor Masabumi Hosono, Haruomi began his career with the psychedelic rock band Apryl Fool, before achieving recognition both nationally and internationally, as a founding member of the bands Happy End and Yellow Magic Orchestra.


In 2003, Haruomi Hosono was ranked by HMV Japan at number 44 on their list of the top 100 Japanese pop acts of all time.


Haruomi Hosono is the grandson of Masabumi Haruomi Hosono, the only Japanese passenger and survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic.


Haruomi Hosono first came to attention in Japan as the bass player of the psychedelic rock band Apryl Fool, alongside drummer Takashi Matsumoto, who released the album The Apryl Fool in 1969.

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In 1977, Haruomi Hosono invited Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi to work on his exotica-flavoured album Paraiso, which included electronic music produced using the Yamaha CS-80 polyphonic synthesizer and ARP Odyssey synthesizer.


Haruomi Hosono was one of the first producers to recognize the appeal of video game sounds and music.


Haruomi Hosono has produced a number of short-term band projects as a band member.


Haruomi Hosono collaborated on many of the releases, such as World Standard, a trip into Americana; HAT, a supergroup, and "Quiet Logic", by Mixmaster Morris and Jonah Sharp.


In 2002 Haruomi Hosono formed the duo Sketch Show with his YMO bandmate Yukihiro Takahashi.


Haruomi Hosono performed a special concert to celebrate its release.