11 Facts About Harvey Boulter


Harvey Boulter was born on 7 November 1969 and is an entrepreneur, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Porton Group, a venture capital group.

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Harvey Boulter came to public prominence in 2011 through the Porton Group's legal case with 3M alerted the UK press to what became the Liam Fox and Adam Werritty scandal, and led to the resignation of the former as UK Defence Secretary.

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Harvey Boulter was raised in Worthing and went to the University of Bristol in 1988 where he studied Economics and Accountancy.

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Harvey Boulter joined Union Bank of Switzerland in 1994 based in London.

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Harvey Boulter has held a number of security clearances, including Secret and Top Secret during his career.

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Harvey Boulter funded initial research at Porton Down that led to the creation of P2i.

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In 2012 Harvey Boulter created Porton Cyber, as a Cayman Islands investment fund.

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Mr Harvey Boulter rejected the assertion and Mr Buckley has received his knighthood.

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Harvey Boulter was arrested after Gerhard van Wyk, whom he employed as manager of the 66,000-acre property, was shot during a scuffle at a barbecue on the farm on February 27,2021.

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Harvey Boulter's lawyer confirmed that the billionaire had been charged with murder and was in police custody.

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Harvey Boulter was however quarantined for supposed Covid-19 at the Safari Court Hotel, before being transferred to Paramount Healthcare Centre for an undisclosed ailment.

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